Saturday, April 11, 2020

On Harstine Island Sand Castle Building With David, Theo & Ruby

Incoming via phone last night from the David, Theo and Ruby's mama Kristin, with the text message accompanying three photos saying...

"Wish you were here."

I wish I was there too.

I have not been on a beach since the last time I was on a beach with the Tacoma Trio and mama Kristin, back in August of 2017, with the beach being the one one finds at Birch Bay, in Whatcom County, a few miles south of the border with Canada.

At that point in time I had myself a mighty fine time building a sand castle with Theo, Ruby and mama Kristin. The David part of the Tacoma Trio was engrossed in a solo project, so was not part of building the massive Birch Bay sand castle.

Since that time at Birch Bay, David, Theo and Ruby have had professional sand castle building training whilst in San Diego.

Currently the Tacoma Trio and their parental units are riding out this period of social isolation at their cabin on Harstine Island, which would make these three photo Harstine Island beach photos.

That is Theo standing inside the sand castle fortification he and David and Ruby built to try and keep out the incoming tide. As you can clearly see, at the above tide level the sand wall fortification is successfully keeping the castle dry.

That white snow cone you see in the distance is a volcano which goes by the name Mount Rainier. The original locals called this volcano Tahoma, which is the source for the name of the town David, Theo and Ruby live in when they are not on lockdown. I do not know why the 'h' in the name was switched out with a 'c'.

Eventually the incoming tide became too much for the sand castle's fortifications to hold back. Above Theo and David are no longer able to keep dry behind their castle's wall.

For months now I have been looking forward to this summer and returning to Birch Bay with David, Theo and Ruby and their parental units, and all but one of my other siblings.

However, heading northwest in July is starting to seem like an increasingly bleak prospect...

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