Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Lake Wichita Bike Ride Finds Sickening Gusty Winds Sign

I do not remember a previous year during my long stay on this planet where I have been sick the entire year, such as is the case this year of 2019.

What began two days before the end of the old year, has extended into the second week of the new year.

I read in one of my local, as in, Texas, news sources this morning that there is a bug going around, that is not the flu that is also going around.

My symptoms sort of match that non-flu bug that is going around, though not as severe as described. Basically my woe is a mild congestion cough ailment, which comes and goes. I think I'm done with it, and then in the middle of the night it comes roaring back.

I have always had a problem with being sick, as in unless something totally knocks me out, I try and ignore it and just go about doing what I would be doing without that sickening thing happening.

Such as today, with almost zero wind blowing, and the temperature well above freezing I decided to roll my bike's wheels to Lake Wichita and beyond. When I passed under Kemp Boulevard the view of the Lake Wichita Dam spillway you see above came into view. I was surprised to see the lake is still spilling over the spillway. It has been several days since downpours poured down.

When I reached the top of the dam I soon saw possible evidence of how strong the wind has been blowing of late.

That or an inexcusable act of vandalism.

At both ends of the dam there is a sign warning "GUSTY WINDS AREA". Today the sign at the spillway end of the dam had been uprooted. I parked the bike on the Circle Trail on top of the dam and climbed down the dam to photo document the current status of this "GUSTY WINDS AREA sign.

I can't imagine why anyone would go through the effort to yank a sign out of the ground. Particularly with that sign in view of anyone looking from many directions. But, I also can not imagine we have had wind gusting strong enough to yank a gusty wind warning sign out of the ground.

Yet one more thing about which to be perplexed...

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