Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Deep Moat II Concerned CB Team Not Fit For TRWD Board

Apparently it is time for yet one more Tarrant Region Water District board election. I thought such elections had been suspended pending the outcome of the supposed biggest election fraud investigation in Texas state history.

Apparently I was wrong about that, because there will be a TRWD board election this coming May 4.

Last week I received a couple emails from an individual I will refer to as Deep Moat II, due to already having one Deep Moat telling us stuff about the nefarious dealings of the TRWD and its inept step-child, the TRVA, aka Trinity River Vision Authority, more commonly known as America's Biggest Boondoggle.

Deep Moat II informed us that the CB character you see here is intending to run for a seat on the TRWD board. No, this is not Craig Bickley, after an extreme makeover, trying again. The name of this character is Charles Bailey Team IV, known as CB Team.

Deep Moat II feels it needs to be known that CB Team works for the brokerage firm of Ellis & Tinsley.

So what? You are likely thinking to yourself, as it is unlikely CB Team will try and cover up who it is he works for.


The Tinsley part of Ellis & Tinsley is Vic Tinsley. CB Team's association with Vic Tinsley is the area of concern.

Fort Worth and Tarrant County are widely known as the Eminent Domain Abuse Capital of America.

Examples of such are the properties taken for items such as the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington or the dozens upon dozens upon dozens of properties taken by the Trinity River Vision, taken under the guise of imaginary flood control, but actually taken as part of a ineptly implemented economic development scheme.

On the Ellis & Tinsley website, in the bio about Vic Tinsley, it is boasted that "Vic has been appointed over 800 times by county and district judges as special commissioner in Eminent Domain cases..."

Over 800 cases of Eminent Domain?

As Deep Moat II said regarding those more than 800 cases of Eminent Domain...

"I didn't realize we had that many properties that needed to be condemned. I am extremely worried about CB Team being on the next TRWD water board and how many other property owners will fall into their eminent domain, property condemnation proceedings in the future?"

Additionally, regarding Vic Tinsley and CB Team, and the TRWD Board, Deep Moat II had this to say...

"It looks to me like this would be a huge conflict of interest and extremely unethical for Vic Tinsley and his commercial investment business to be a part of this in any way."

I assume the "part of this" to which Deep Moat II refers is the "this" being the TRWD Board. As in how can someone associated in any way with so many eminent domain proceedings be part of a Board which regularly uses this means to acquire property, with that acquisition often for dubious ends, such as that associated with what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle?

Like so many of those who have come to oppose much of that which the TRWD and TRVA have done and are doing, Deep Moat II had a personal experience with the roughshod way the TRWD often deals with property owners. And it was that experience with TRWD eminent domain abuse which turned Deep Moat II into an active opponent.

In Deep Moat II's own words, the experience which activated this opponents opposition...

"A retired couple by the name of Patty and Walter Bontke were facing eminent domain proceedings from the Tarrant Regional Water District. Their land in Mansfield had been a dairy farm since the 1960s. They worked hard, they saved and now they were facing a monster that was arrogant, unresponsive and downright mean. They received a ridiculous offer in the mail and the surveyor listed on the letter, Mr Dunn, would never return their phone calls. TRWD was going to cut a swath right through the middle of their property with a pump station which would also landlock the additional property acreage, without paying for it, and block their access to a private road. The story is long but in the end they hired a lawyer and got a fair settlement with access to the private road and access to their additional land.  It was a two-year battle that they were not going to win without help."

It has long seemed apparent to many who have been paying attention that the TRWD is a corrupt entity, operating without sufficient oversight. It would seem a total flush of the water board is the only thing which might bring this monster under control, but doing such is difficult, what with that election fraud problem remaining un-fixed.

Electing someone like CB Team to the TRWD board would seem to only exacerbate the problem.

Multiple Mary Kelleher types are what is needed....

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Charles "C.B." Team said...

Hi Durango. This is C.B. Nice to meet you. I want to clarify a few things from your blog post.

I have never been a party to, or represented a client in any eminent domain cases. My company has never represented a client in eminent domain proceedings. I do not take the issue of eminent domain lightly as I have spent my career as a REALTOR standing up for private property rights at the local, state, and national level. I have become very familiar with the eminent domain process because the person, Vic Tinsley, I acquired my company from in 2013 is the most experienced special commissioner in the State of Texas. This means that he has been determined to be a real property expert by State of Texas Judges and then appointed to hear and then decide both sides of eminent domain proceedings in Special Commissioner Hearings. Special Commissioners do not represent either party and are NOT the condemning authority. I have had the opportunity to sit in on these hearings in order to better understand the process and witness first hand what the property owner has to endure during the long and tedious process.

I am not a politician. This is my first run at public office. I'm just a business owner that saw a need on the TRWD board for fresh energy and someone with real estate and business knowledge to help get us out of the predicament in which we currently find ourselves. I'm committed to responsible and transparent oversight and I figured commenting here directly would be the most transparent approach to tackling these errors. Feel free to reach out to me any time.