Monday, January 28, 2019

More Possible TRWD Nepotism With Deep Moates Native Son Claim

What you see here was incoming this afternoon to my phone.

Along with that which you see here the text message accompanying that which you see here was...

"Is this more Tarrant Region Water District nepotism?"

I do not know the answer to that probing question. But, claiming to be a native son does sound like claiming to be a relative, which is key to nepotism.

I do know the answer to another probing question about the same subject, with that question asking me if this Moates guy is one of the Deep Moats, as in Deep Moat, Deep Moat II or Deep Moat III, who have been telling us various tidbits of information about the various nefarious nonsense associated with the TRWD's TRVA ongoing mess which has become known as America's Biggest Boondoggle, or the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Boondoggle.

So, I can tell you with almost 100 % certainty that this Moates guy is not one of the Deep Moats.

As for whether or not Moates is yet one more scandalous example of TRWD nepotism, I do not know.

Is Gary Moates related to Kay Granger? Or Jim Oliver? Maybe an ex-boyfriend of Marty Leonard? A son of Jim Lane? I really don't know.

In the past couple weeks the only one of the Deep Moats we have heard from is Deep Moat III.

We heard from Deep Moat III in Deep Moat III Takes Us To Fort Worth's Panther Island District's Imaginary Unique Features and Deep Moat III Takes Us To Venice In Cowtown Via Fort Worth Weekly.

Regarding the TRWD board and its nepotism problem, I am 100% certain if you vote for Mary Kelleher to once again sit on the TRWD board you can rest assured that Mary Keller is not related to Kay Granger, Jim Oliver, Jim Lane or Marty Leonard, hence no nepotism problem with Mary Kelleher...

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