Thursday, July 5, 2018

My Arizona Mom Did Not Shoot Her Son To Stay Out Of Assisted Living

I saw this early 4th of July morning on Facebook.

By noon I got email from one of my mom's four grandsons suggesting this may be some sort of cautionary warning about grandma.

I believe this Arizona shooting took place in Tempe. My mom lives in Sun Lakes, a short distance south of Tempe.

There has been talk about moving mom to some sort of assisted living situation. But, as far as I know, none of mom's sons are on board with such being a good idea.

I have been tasked with flying to Arizona on Saturday to help find some solutions to make mom's living easier. I do not think I need to worry about making sure mom is not hiding any firearms. Mom has never liked guns. Guns were never in our home growing up.

However, at times I wonder and worry that I do not know all which mom may be up to.

For instance, on my last visit I discovered an almost empty large bottle of gin hidden in the back of the lower shelf of mom's refrigerator.

Mom has never been a consumer of alcoholic beverages.

Except for the brief period of time when mom discovered getting free drinks whilst playing slot machines in Reno. I recollect at one point mom asking me if I'd ever had a root beer fizz. Which I learned was one of the "exotic' cocktails mom had discovered in Reno. When it was explained to mom these were alcoholic beverages that particular fad quickly faded.

Or so I was told.

But that bottle of gin had me wondering.

The day after I found mom's hidden bottle of gin Spencer Jack's grandpa and his favorite aunt Jackie showed up. I brought up the gin subject for the first time. Til then I had not mentioned my discovery to mom.

Mom acted all innocent, claiming no knowledge regarding the booze in her fridge.

Spencer Jack's aunt Jackie then came up with some sort of explanation explaining the mysterious bottle of gin as having something to do with David, Theo & Ruby's mother, who is also our little sister, Michele.

I soon gave up getting to the bottom of mom's gin mystery.

But, I am pretty much 100% my mom has nary a gun hidden anywhere,

I do not think any of my sane relatives have firearms.

However, one of our relatives with marginal personality disorder is known to keep a gun close by. This relative is a classic example of why we need stronger gun control laws so as to keep firearms away from the arms of such marginal personality types...

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