Wednesday, July 25, 2018

HOT Mount Wichita Bike Ride After Haltom City Doctor Appointment

After returning from the DFW zone, this final Wednesday of July, I thought rolling my bike wheels to Mount Wichita in this 110 degree natural sauna seemed like a good relaxing idea when I thought of it.

But the reality turned out to be a bit warmer than I thought it might be, even with a somewhat cooling breeze blowing from Lake Wichita.

As long as one is in motion the heat does not feel too hot. But, when one stops for a liquid refreshment break the heat quickly feels HOT.

On Saturday, when Miss Daisy took me out for lunch, before launching me on a plane back to Texas, she asked, yet again, about my monthly drive to DFW to visit a doctor. This doctor visit has been explained to Miss Daisy multiple times, but apparently Miss Daisy expressed a worry about my health problems to Sister Jackie, with Miss Daisy verbalizing her concern that I was having to make a monthly visit to some sort of brick specialist to have my brick situation monitored, with Miss Daisy asking Sister Jackie if she knew what my brick ailment was all about.

So, today I decided I would photo document the Brick Doctor's office, located in Haltom City, which is a suburb of Dallas, which borders Fort Worth.

Above you are looking at the Brick Doctor's new clinic. No patients are treated in the clinic. All patients are treated on a sort of out patient basis.

The view from my vehicle's driver's side window, looking at the new Brick Doctor sign and an incoming Brick Doctor truck, with the 121 freeway hovering above.

After the Brick Doctor appointment was over we heading west to the rock and roll roads of Fort Worth, bumping our way to the Stockyards neighborhood, and Esperanza's, where I had a chili cheese relleno and did not find Elsie Hotpepper among the hot peppers in my favorite Mexican restaurant....

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