Thursday, July 19, 2018

Big Tempe Surf With Sister Jackie & Brother Jake

With the Valley of the Sun  outer world heated to well over 100 degrees it seemed like a good time to do some desert surfing.

So, Sister Jackie drove me to Tempe to meet up with Brother Jake where we were able to do some of that desert surfing at the Big Surf Waterpark.

It was hard leaving Miss Daisy behind in Sun Lakes.

We arrived at Big Surf soon after the ocean opened for the day.

I soon found myself in a simulated tropical paradise, luxuriating in a big ocean I almost seemed to have to myself.

While waiting for the surf to rise, Brother Jake, Sister Jackie and my feet lounged in the water, enjoying the almost empty of people pseudo ocean.

And then surfers began to arrive. Many with flotation devices of the air mattress sort.

A cacophony of screams blocked out the rock and roll background music when a Big Kahuna wave suddenly appeared.

I had not surfed since sometime in the last century, in the Pacific Ocean in California, at San Clemente Beach, if my memory is serving me correctly. Negotiating a big wave quickly came back to me, like riding a bike. After an hour, or so, I asked Sister Jackie if there was anyway I could get her to try and photo document me in surf boy mode. Above is the best of Sister Jackie's surfing photo documentation.

Scroll to the end for up close video documentation of me getting tossed by the wild waves of Big Surf.

After an hour or two of surfing it was time for a break under shade. But still in a pool. That would be Brother Jake looking at you, with Sister Jackie looking away. Soon after taking this photo I left my camera behind to take a ride on one of the waterslides. I did not realize I would slide at such a high speed. This excess speed had me shoot out of the tube underwater, wreaking havoc with my sunglasses.

That is not Sister Jackie, above, pretending to be a lifeguard. That is a real lifeguard, who guarded my life by telling me I was too close to the wall you see here with rope fenced posts sticking out of the wall. After getting scolded I waded over to the lifeguard to take the photo you see above.

Soon after I got in trouble with the lifeguard we decided to leave Big Surf to head west to Scottsdale to the Fiesta Burrito Mexican Restaurant.

Above is a lunch look of my chili relleno enchilada in the foreground. Brother Jake's mixed enchilada is viewed to the upper left. Sister Jackie had the same chile relleno enchilada I had, so you do not need to see photo documentation of that.

Whilst we were surfing Sister Jackie mentioned something new in Tempe. A car vending machine. That's right, a car vending machine.

CARVANA. You build your car online, then make your way to the CARVANA tower in Tempe, and somehow, apparently, your new car is rotated to ground level, where you can drive away, with a freeway conveniently nearby.

A redlight stopped us right before entering that aforementioned freeway, rendering easy photo taking of CARVANA.

It's gonna be an adjustment leaving modern America and going back to Texas on Saturday.

And below is a short video of surfing today at Big Surf Waterpark...

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