Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Jason Joey Samish Island Blackjack Flashback

The mysterious photo you see above arrived in my incoming email yesterday, that being the second day of July. The email was from Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew, Jason.

The subject line in the email simply said "Samish Island Blackjack".

Blackjack is a gambling game played with cards, for you in the non-liberated part of America where gambling is banned.

Banned, along with a lot of other things. Like using cannabis oil for medicinal purposes.

I have long been perplexed how the parts of America most vocally verbalizing that land of the free concept are at the same time banning that which those in America who actually live in more liberated zones enjoy as a freedom, unlike those repressive, faux freedom spouting American locations, such as Texas.

And Alabama.

And others.

Who trumpet that land of the free concept whilst stifling freedom.

The parents of Texas kids suffering from ailments treatable by medicinal marijuana must journey as far as Colorado, currently, to get treatment for their kids.

This will soon change because a state closer to Texas than Colorado, progressive, liberal, Oklahoma has jumped on the medicinal marijuana bandwagon. A bandwagon ride sensible people logically take.

I digress, which I frequently do.

Back to the subject we started with. That photo above from Spencer Jack's dad.

In that photo, playing blackjack, we see Jason on the left, across the table from his little brother, my favorite nephew, Joey. I do not know who the other kids at the blackjack table are.

I believe that is Jason and Joey's mama, my favorite ex-sister-in-law Cindy standing to the right of Jason. Directly above Jason that looks to be Audrey Van W. Next to Audrey is my dear old mom, who I expect to see on Saturday. Next to mom is my dear old dad. Next to dad is Marie Y. I suspect this gambling operation is taking place at the home of Glen and Marie Y, what with Jason indicating this blackjacking was taking place on Samish Island.

I am guessing this photo documented blackjack game took place in the early 1990s. Joey appears to be about the age his nephew, Spencer Jack, is now. As in ten years old. Or is Spencer 11 now? Time flies and I lose track of it...

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