Friday, May 12, 2017

Can You Solve The Green Mystery Of The TRWD Election Bar Graph?

Yesterday, after I mentioned that I had learned that Apparently I Got To Vote Because I Am A Stakeholding TRWD Founder, Elsie Hotpepper sent me the chart you see above, charting the results of the most recent Tarrant Regional Water District Board of Directors Election.

The chart charts the results of the election with each of the five bars in the graph representing one of the five candidates, starting with Leah King at the top, followed by Andra Beatty, Mary Kelleher, Jack Stevens, with James Hill at the bottom.

The bars show the vote breakdown, with the Absentee Vote being green, the Early Voting being brown and the Election Day Vote being purple.

Do you notice anything unusual?

Charts like this can be a revealing way to reveal data.

Have you noticed anything unusual yet?

Okay, I will give you a hint.

In the previous TRWD Board Election, the one where Marty Leonard and Jim Lane beat Craig Bickley and Miki Von Luckner, the results triggered the biggest election fraud investigation in Texas history.

With that investigation triggered by the way out of the norm number of absentee ballots cast for Marty Leonard and  Jim Lane. Somewhere around 10,000 absentee ballots. Receiving 10,000 votes used to be enough votes to give a candidate the win in a TRWD Board Election.

Do you notice anything unusual with those bars in the graph yet?

Well, let me just point it out to you, if you've not already noticed the suspicious oddity.

Leah King, Jack Stevens and James Hill were the candidates favored by the TRWD insiders, just like Marty Leonard and Jim Lane were the candidates favored with "extra help" the previous TRWD Board Election.

And now, two years later, in this most recent TRWD Board Election, once again the number of Absentee ballots cast for the favored candidates raises a red flag of suspicion.

First off, in the fraudulent previous TRWD Board Election around 10,000 absentee ballots were cast for the winners. In this most recent TRWD Board Election that number shrunk to a little over 2.000.

So, clearly this time the TRWD favored candidates did not benefit from fraudulent absentee ballots.

Or did they?

Look at the bar graph again. The green part of the bar graphs. The Absentee Ballot totals for Leah King, Jack Stevens and James Hill are virtually identical. How did that happen? Their vote totals for Early Voting and Election Day Voting are not virtually identical, but the Absentee Ballot totals are virtually the same for all three.

Once again, not confident of winning legitimately, were shenanigans in play to pad the vote total for the favored TRWD candidates?

Maybe there is some perfectly understandable explanation for what you see demonstrated in green above. But, I suspect Occam's Razor is the most logical explanation, as in the simplest, most obvious explanation is the answer.

As in this most recent TRWD Board of Directors Election once again had its results skewed by fraud...

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