Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Felicity Frankfurter Takes Me To Fort Worth Protest Thumping Trump

Yesterday morning when I woke up my computer I found a message on Facebook from Felicity Frankfurter.

Felicity Frankfurter's Facebook message was simply a link to an article on the KERA TV station's online version, that being an article titled Protests Greet GOP Donors In Fort Worth.

I am assuming Felicity Frankfurter read my Indivisibly Protesting Fort Worth's Missing Kay Granger blogging in which I may have indicated I was not quite sure what was being protested.

The KERA article and accompanying TV News video clarified what the demonstrators were demonstrating about.

Apparently, like most of the world's non-fascist citizens, these Fort Worthers are appalled America's new president is just as bad and as embarrassing as many feared he would be. And so they gathered by the 100s outside some sort of Lincoln Day event in downtown Fort Worth's Omni Hotel at which multiple irresponsible Republicans, such as Fort Worth's Kay Granger, were expected to appear.

Regarding Fort Worth and protests.

A couple years after I moved to Texas I was back up north, in downtown Seattle. I remember escalating back to ground level from Seattle's Westlake Center transit station and finding myself in the midst of an enormous protest. I do not remember what was being protested.

I remember when I saw that Seattle protest I remarked to the person I was with that it was nice to be back in the Northwest where people take to the streets to take up a cause. Further remarking that since I'd been in Texas I had not seen a single protest about anything, which seemed so odd to me, in a city (Fort Worth) and a state (Texas) where there seemed so much that was protest worthy.


Moving forward into the next century, it seems that the protest bug has spread to Texas.

Including Fort Worth.

In recent years in downtown Fort Worth I've seen a massive demonstration of protesters marching in support of decriminalizing marijuana.

Since America's presidential election debacle took place there have been multiple protests in downtown Fort Worth, in addition to Saturday's Lincoln Day protest.

Thousands marched in downtown Fort  Worth, joining the millions who protested world-wide, the day after Trump's inauguration, in what was called the Women's March.

I'm thinking a protest demonstration protesting the ongoing embarrassment known as America's Biggest Boondoggle, also known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther  Island District Vision, would be extremely impressive.

A couple thousand people carrying signs demanding J.D. Granger be fired and his mother's resignation, marching to the Heart of the Boondoggle, circling around that roundabout with the million dollar homage to a shiny aluminum trash can at its center.

Then marching around those nearby V Piers sticking out of the ground, with the protesters bringing bridge construction to a halt.

Oh, wait, that already happened, with no protest needed.

Next month it will be a year since construction of America's Biggest Boondoggle's three simple little bridges being built over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island has sputtered, due to design errors and who knows what other instances of incompetence.

Instances such as this seems very worthy, to me, of a massive protest demonstration.

Would hanging J.D. and his mama, in effigy, from one of those V Piers be too radical?

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Anonymous said...

Fort Worth Way hero, Roger Williams attended this event. Roger skipped a townhall event in Dripping Springs Texas that he was supposed to attend. The good folks of Dripping Springs had a Roger Williams cardboard cutout and they chanted Roger Roger townhall dodger.

I call him Roger the cabin boy Williams because I'm cool like that. Or because I'm rude like that.

They call me, Cowtown Crude.