Sunday, February 19, 2017

Indivisibly Protesting Fort Worth's Missing Kay Granger

Last night I had a couple incoming messages regarding a protest underway in the downtown Fort Worth zone.

When I received the protest messages I did not know what was being protested.

Did a large collective of Fort Worth natives finally gather up enough common sense to organize a protest against the embarrassing debacle known as America's Biggest Boondoggle?

Were these protesters demanding the immediate firing of Congresswoman Kay Granger's son, J.D.?  Due to J.D. being the person many blame as the root of all the problems which have led to Fort Worth being the proud sponsor of America's Biggest Boondoggle, also known at the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision, or TRCCUPIDV for short.

Well, I am not totally certain as to the entire scope of all which was being protested in Fort Worth last night, but, apparently one of the objects of protesting derision was J.D. Granger's mama, whose job in Congress is what got J.D. the job for which he had zero qualifications, so as to motivate his mama to get some federal pork barrel  money sent his way so as to keep him gainfully employed, apparently for decades.

And J.D.'s mama, Kay, has delivered on that promised pork, to the tune of about a half  a billion bucks.

I don't know how much, if any, of that money has arrived. Maybe that incoming money is what is being waited on so as to continue the construction of The Boondoggle's three simple little bridges, the construction of which has been stalled for a year.

By this morning a Haltom City lady calling herself Layla Caraway had posted about last night's Fort Worth protest and pointed that post at me, as you can see via the screen cap above.

After reading what Ms. Caraway said about Kay the RINO I commented thusly....

Durango Jones: Mrs. Granger is a Republican in Name Only? I thought she was an authentic right wing nut job, not one of the more reasonable Republicans....

To which someone also calling herself Layla Caraway counter-commented...

Layla Caraway: Back in the day she was a D. Not that I care who is a what, that's part of why we are in this mess, but she couldn't get elected to higher office on that ticket, so she went down to the crossroads, and well, everyone knows how that story goes. But if you call yourself a 'conservative' while taking a billion from taxpayers and property from regular folks all for your gain, Rino was the nicest thing I could think of.

I have no idea  what the truth is during this troubled time of one never knowing what is real news or fake. Or a liar claiming real news is fake so as to obfuscate his own pathological lying.

I digress.

Anyway, regarding Kay Granger and those who do not think she represents the people in her district, but is instead a lackey for the moneyed interests who in various ways run Fort Worth and Tarrant County like their private fiefdom to be exploited by the local good ol' boy and girl network in what is known as the Fort Worth Way, well, I guess there are plenty of reasons to protest.

At one point in time Kay Granger and her gang, I mean, associates, were rumored to have extensive land holdings the value of which would be greatly enhanced if the Trinity River Vision ever became something someone  could see.

The Trinity River Vision, in its original form, was supposedly a much needed flood control plan combined with an economic development scheme.

The vitally needed flood control part of  the scheme has been pretty much discounted in all the years since it was first announced, due to the fact that if it was so vitally needed why has the project proceeded in slow motion? That and the obvious fact, now clear to everyone, that the area deemed in dire need of flood control has not flooded in over a half a century, due to levees installed, at taxpayer expense, way back in the 1950s.

I think it is a good thing that a large number of Fort Worth people are finally fed up with the corruption known as the Fort Worth Way and are willing to loudly protest.

Methinks if  Kay Granger ever gets up the courage to face a Fort Worth Town Hall, she will likely hear a lot of things she does not want to hear, or acknowledge, things like her baby boy being in dire need of a spanking and a time out....

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