Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Found 10 Pages Of Tarrant Regional Water District Propaganda In My Mailbox This Morning

The Tarrant Regional Water District mailer I blogged about yesterday in a blogging titled Taking A Corrupt Shot From Tarrant Regional Water District Board Incumbents showed up in my mailbox this morning in all its 10 page full color glory.

On the left you are looking at the back page of the mailer.

In the upper right corner you see the word PAID. As in Presorted Standard U.S. Postage was PAID to mail this mailer.



Yes, you the taxpayer who lives in the Tarrant Regional Water District PAID to mail this propaganda mailer. You also PAID to produce this rather slick production.

Was this slick production mailed to all the voters residing in the Tarrant Regional Water District? Or was this slick production only mailed to those, like me, who live in the select areas of the Tarrant Regional Water District that are allowed to vote?

And how is it that taxpayer money can be spent to produce and mail this slick production that amounts to being campaign propaganda for those on the TRWD Board who are running for another term on the board?

Page 1 of this mailer I showed you yesterday. Page 2 is a full page photo of a water falling over ledges. Page 3 is some propaganda spewed from TRWD Board President, Victor W. Henderson, Page 3 I also showed you yesterday, that being a list of the TRWD Board of Directors, including those up for re-election. Page 4 describes the Water District, along with a map and a wetlands photo. Page 5 is about Flood Control, including a photo of the infamous 1949 downtown Fort Worth flood, along with text mentioning the miles of Trinity River levees. Page 6 is all about the Recreation benefits the TRWD is bringing the people. Page 7 is about TRWD's Water Conservation efforts. Page 8 has a big photo of the Lawn Whisperer, along with "Water Saving Superheroes" propaganda. Page 8 is about Water Quality, along with two photos showing litter. Page 9 is all about the TRWD In the Community, consisting of 5 photos and more propaganda. Page 10 you see above.

While Page 5 says "One of TRWD's primary functions is to manage a 27 mile flood control system that spans Fort Worth. Working together with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, we maintain the levees and related structures that provide vital protection to residents along the Clear and West Forks of the Trinity" no mention is made of the plan to take down many of those levees that have protected Fort Worth for so long, with that plan brought courtesy of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

Speaking of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle, there is no mention made of this TRWD pet project any where in their 10 page propaganda piece. The words "Trinity River Vision" appear no where.

Why is that?

Are the TRWD Board Members up for re-election concerned that being associated with the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle might cost them some votes?

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