Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bud Kennedy Is Not Allowing Tarrant Regional Water District Candidate John Basham To Comment On Facebook

Bud Kennedy is just about my favorite Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist, journalist and food critic. Bud Kennedy is very prolific, very opinionated and very articulate.

Bud Kennedy is also prolific, opinionated and articulate on Facebook and Twitter.

Yesterday, on Facebook, Bud Kennedy informed us that Texas Representative Matt Krause has endorsed John Basham to be elected to be a board member of the Tarrant Regional Water District in the upcoming election.

Bud Kennedy also informed us that neither Krause or Basham "live in the district".

When I read this I thought to myself that I was fairly certain that John Basham lives in the Tarrant Regional Water District. Then when I read the comments to Bud Kennedy's posting I was reminded of how bizarrely strange the rules are regarding the set up of the Tarrant Regional Water District.

As in only voters who live in selected parts of the district are allowed to vote. And, even though you may live in the district you must own property in the selected parts of the district to qualify to run for TRWD Board Member.

Like I said, bizarrely strange.

Below is Bud Kennedy's post on this issue followed by the comments, with the last comment being from Bud Kennedy telling us he'd deleted a comment from John Basham because Bud Kennedy does not "allow candidates to campaign here." Apparently Bud Kennedy is allowed to make a comment about a candidate, but that candidate is not allowed to comment.  Like I said, bizarrely strange....

Bud Kennedy
17 hours ago via Twitter
Update: TX @RepMattKrause, who doesn't live in the Tarrant Water district, has endorsed @JohnBasham, who also doesn't live in the district.

Joe Corpening Dont ya love politics???

John Murrin Pritchett The law clearly states board members only need to own property in the boundaries of the TRWD's election boundaries. They don't have to live in it. The state rep mentioned in your post represents folks who live within the election boundaries of the district.

Bud Kennedy Did not question anyone's eligibility. In general, a board should represent those stakeholders taxed to build and operate the agency.

John Murrin Pritchett In general, a board with power over 11 counties ought to be accountable to the voters in those same 11 counties.

Bud Kennedy No representation without taxation.

Bud Kennedy Candidate's comment deleted. I generally don't allow candidates to campaign here, but John was pointing out that he owns a parcel of property in the district and also lives nearby in the area served by Tarrant Water.


Anonymous said...

It's the Fort Worth Way.

Don Young said...

What you will discover on close inspection is that Bud Kennedy is an a**hole.

Anonymous said...

Bud Kennedy is definitely an a**hole. He makes the rules as he goes. The only time the fat man compliments a citizen is when he is full up to his gullet in buffet.