Friday, April 5, 2013

A Village Creek Indian Ghost Walk With A Bluebonnet Snake Or Alligator

With the return of blue sky and a warmer outer world I decided to return to Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, today, even though I'd walked with the Indian Ghosts yesterday.

As you can see the Village Creek jungle of ultra green foliage has returned. For me, this is the most pleasant time of the year to be outdoors in Texas, particularly in an area with jungle-like foliage.

I think the rapidly growing greenage puts out some sort of negative ion energy into the air that sort of amps up the endorphin inducing feel goodness I get from a good bout of aerobic activity.

In other words, walking with the Indian Ghosts today put me in a very good mood.

That and I saw my first bluebonnet of the year.

Is that not an otherworldly shade of blue? I believe the bluebonnet is either the State Flower or State Wildflower of Texas. Maybe both.

Yesterday I saw a long necked big white bird in the Village Creek Blue Bayou. Today I saw something in the Village Creek Blue Bayou that seemed a bit more sinister than a long necked big white bird.

The critter that was floating along in the Blue Bayou was too distant for me to know, for sure what it was. A big snake? An alligator?

A pair of ducks were swimming towards the sinister critter. When the ducks got within about 15 feet the critter came into their view, with the ducks quickly making a U-turn, then going airborne.

So far I've had myself a real fine time on this first Friday of April, even though I did not attempt going swimming in the cool pool this morning. At pool time the outer world was chilled to only 6 degrees above freezing.

An incoming heat wave, blowing north from the Gulf, should start warming up the cool pool soon, as you can see, via the 7 day forecast, below....

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Texas Scaredy Cat said...

That clearly looks like a critter waiting around for some lunch to swim by. You be careful, Durango, although I figure you are a bigger morsel than wished for by this critter.