Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crossing The Street To Discover A New Fort Worth Park

My one longtime reader may look at the picture on the left and think it must be a new view of Lake Tandy in the Tandy Hills Natural Area.

My one longtime reader would be wrong.

That is newly christened Canyon Creek Lake you are looking at.

Today I took another walk in my neighborhood to find that all this time I have been living across the street from a big area that is a lot like the Tandy Hills, but with no trails.

I do not know if the lack of trails makes the newly discovered Canyon Creek Natural Area more or less natural than the Tandy Hills Natural Area.

In addition to having a seriously sad sidewalk shortage situation, East Fort Worth also suffers from a seriously sad park shortage situation. The seriously sad park shortage situation seems particularly sad to be existing in what we learned yesterday is one of the greatest cities in the entire world.

It seems to me that the Canyon Creek Natural Area could quite easily be turned into a very nice park.

For years there have been two large signs advertising the fact that this acreage is for sale, saying that the land is a prime location for developers.

I think Canyon Creek is a prime location for developers of the sort who develop parks.

Why does the far east zone of Fort Worth have such a serious park shortage? The next town to the east, Arlington, seems to have many more parks than the much bigger town of Fort Worth. And Arlington is not known the world over as one of the world's greatest cities.

River Legacy Park, in Arlington, is a HUGE park, spanning the north and south banks of the Trinity River for miles. Just a short distance from River Legacy Park is one of Arlington's newest parks, that being Crystal Canyon Park.

Both River Legacy Park and Crystal Canyon Park are parks at a quality level higher than any park I've seen in Fort Worth.

I almost forgot to add, the easiest entry to what could be a new park in East Fort Worth, Canyon Creek Park, can be found on the north side of Boca Raton Boulevard a sort distance west of Boca Raton's intersection with Bridgewood Drive.

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Fort Worth Horn Tooter said...

Since Fort Worth is a among the greatest cities in the world; why can't we just rest on our laurels and not worry about having more parks or even parks sans sani-cans?
And why be concerned about having sidewalks. They might make the citizens safer and happier, but is that really necessary. We are on the map. We are a big deal. Let well enough alone, Durango. Hippy.