Sunday, October 31, 2010

Me & My Shadow On The Tandy Hills With More Four Loko

That is me and my shadow on the Tandy Hills again, on this Sunday Halloween in Texas. I tried anew to find the mysterious Witchey Tree, to no avail.

I saw no snakes today. A variety of birds was singing a pleasant cacophony of melodic tweeting. I saw no human on the hills today.

But, I did see a blimp. But not on the Tandy Hills. The blimp was hovering over the Ballpark in Arlington and the Cowboy Stadium. I could not tell if it was a Goodyear blimp. It seemed an odd thing to see, making clear how close the Ballpark/Stadium District of Arlington is to my location, and to the Tandy Hills.

I think Game 4  of the World Series starts up some time after noon. And the Dallas Cowboy's game starts up well after the World Series game starts. Today will be Arlington's biggest test of moving traffic in and out of the play zone.

Due to the extremely pleasant temperature, all my windows are open. I have heard no cheering coming from the east. I hope this does not mean that the Rangers' fans are having nothing to cheer about today.

I found another empty can of Four Loko today. This one was way to the west of the ones I found yesterday, stuck on limbs on the Tandy Highway. Today I took one of those Tandy Highway Four Loko cans, stuck a stick in it, and stuck it on the Tandy Shrine at the top of Mount Tandy.

With the Four Loko can on a stick I was able to read the ingredients. Caffeine, Taurine, Guarana and Alcohol. Hence the name. Four things to make you loco.

Who is wandering around the Tandy Hills, slurping down these potent beverages and leaving the cans behind? I think we can eliminate me, Stenotrophomonas and Don Young as suspects.


cd0103 said...

Well, technically, the Rangers pre-game starts at 7pm tonight and the Cowboys have already lost today (which makes me very happy) Don't you know it is driving Jerry Jones crazy to have the Rangers winning when his team sucks?

Stenotrophomonas said...

There are many flavors of Four Loko available, at least according to their website, but only the purple can variety has been spotted. So it's probably safe to assume that there is only one moron who drinks the equivalent of a full bottle of wine and tries to negotiate the trails. Yes, each can contains the caffeine in 4-5 cups of coffee, but sooner or later this imbecile will be wide awake, but limping out of THNA with a badly twisted ankle. Or be stranded overnight with some hungry coyotes.
In the meantime, THNA is sending it a message with all its cans displayed at eye level along the trails where they were thrown. Think of heads impaled on stakes....

Durango said...

cd0103, I saw a couple minutes ago I was off about the Rangers game time, but then I realized my verbiage said the game started sometime after noon, so I figured it was not worth editing, due to technically being right.

I did not know the Cowboys had already lost. I've long thought Jerry Jones may actually be insane. So, yeah, I'm thinking the Rangers doing so well, must highly aggravate him. If the Rangers win the World Series someone needs to call them America's Team. Because America likes winners and the Cowboys ain't.

Durango said...

Stenotrophomonas, methinks I remember you referencing these cans and the imbecile dropping them, but I'd not seen them at that point in time. So it is you impaling them? The one I stuck on a stick today, on the Tandy Highway, had re-fallen to the ground. Unless it was a new one. But, I am fairly certain it was the one I took pic of on Saturday. DY sent me 2 links to NY Times articles about Four Loko. It costs $3.50 a can. At least to the writer of the article. Why would anyone buy a cheap can of booze, over and over again, and drink it while hiking on the Tandy Hills? I have trouble, every once in awhile, like today, avoiding having a fall on wobbly rocks, whilst totally stone cold sober.

Stenotrophomonas said...


More likely THNA, or some entity like it. I'm just a bacillus.