Friday, August 20, 2010

In Texas Thinking About Getting My Stomach Stapled

Til this morning I'd not heard from my mysterious Tacoma Informant for awhile.

I am being optimistic that I am finally rid of the Tacoma irritant known as Fubbo, after she had a really bizarre episode a couple months ago that must have been really embarrassing to her when she had a fleeting moment, hopefully, of lucidity.

My Tacoma Informant is claiming that we are looking at a recent photo of Fubbo. The Tacoma Informant claims Fubbo is on a doctor directed diet that may involve one of those surgery things, like stomach stapling

That does look like the backside of Fubbo, in the photo, sort of. Except the person in the photo appears to be about half the size of Fubbo, when I last saw the behemoth over 2 years ago.

Yikes! I just realized, it is August 20. In about 2 hours it will be exactly 2 years since I escaped from Washington and made my way back to the relative sanity of Texas.

Two days before I escaped I watched Fubbo get her daily calorie supply of donuts, a box of cookies, bacon and assorted other things one needs if one wants to grow big.

I can't imagine having one of those weight loss surgeries. Why not just ceasing with the eating? That seems as if it would be way more pleasant than having the size of your stomach shrunk.

Now don't go thinking I am being mean to Fubbo, or making fun of her. Fubbo does not read my blog. Or the blog of anyone I know in Texas. I know this because Fubbo says so. And Fubbo never lies.


T-Town Chickie said...

I saw Fubbo last Saturday. I can tell you that is not Fubbo in the picture. Fubbo is a lot bigger than when you saw her last. I don't think she has had any surgery. Your Tacoma informer is a trouble maker.

Durango said...

T-Town Chickie, I was suspicious about the TI's Fubbo picture. I did not see how Fubbo could possibly have shrunk that much in such a short time. I'm assuming I have met you, T-Town Chickie. I wonder which T-Town Chickie you are?