Friday, January 22, 2010

The Queen Of Wink Suffering From Serious Virus

Those of you who are fans of the Queen of Wink may be wondering why she is seeming to be a more quiet Queen of late.

Well, her computer has malfunctioned. She believes she was attacked by a malicious Trojan Virus of some sort. This has rendered it impossible to start her computer, even in Safe Mode.

I've had computers go into malfunction mode on me. It's not a good time.

I don't know if you know this already, but the Queen of Wink graduated from Wink High School, that's in Wink, Texas, way out in West Texas, with the 2nd highest grade point average in her class of, I think, 9.

The only person in her class with a higher GPA was Gar the Texan, a fact about which he remains very proud of to this day.

Well, Gar the Texan is some sort of Idiot Savant when it comes to computers. On his business card it says something like "From the Age of 11, I have had an Innate Ability to Understand Computers and Make Them Do What I Want."

Gar the Texan's innate computer ability is so strong I don't think he even went to college, I think he went right into designing software. He gets flown all over the world to fix computers due to his innate ability to make them do what he wants them to do.

So, I'm thinking, if Gar the Texan has any decency left in him he'll call the Queen of Wink and walk her through getting her computer back working. Better yet, drive out to Wink and fix it.


twister said...

Power supply is what I'm thinking. Whatever it is though, its usually not worth spending (what tends to be) an increasing sum of money on an old computer. Throwing good money after bad an old timer in Wink might say. Of course, I'm not an Idiot Savant.

Durango said...

I believe the problem started with a warning that the computer had a virus. Then she ran her anti-virus checker and walked away. Upon returning she found the computer had re-booted, but Windows was unable to start up. So, who knows. You have to keep in mind this is a self-admitted blonde with the computer woes. I had one act up on me in odd ways once and it turned out to be the power supply. That's a cheap easy fix if that's what the problem is.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Let me tell you a story about a lady, whose only claim to fame...being a dumb blonde...bear with me fellas. Power supply, when you reference such, are you meaning my power cord? That I'm not getting adequate juice through my power cord? I'm not understanding this at all...please inform.

Durango said...

The power supply thing is inside your computer, it converts your incoming electricity to a voltage or wattage or whatever, that your computer can handle. If the power supply starts malfunctioning it can cause bad things to happen. Replacing the power supply is about the easiest computer fix thing to do, though it's been several years since I've done so. I'm assuming you have a tower type computer box. Look on the back and you'll see an open area with a grill and a fan inside. That fan cools the power supply and is where you'll find the power supply. If you open up your tower you can see your power supply. It's a boxy-looking thing. You'll see cords running from it to various things, like your hard drives and motherboard.

I am sorta shocked that you are still dealing with this and that, apparently, Gar the Texan did not come to your rescue. No wonder you kids all picked on him in school. He's very unchivalrous, to not come to the aid of a young lady in distress. Just when I think my respect for him can sink no lower, it does.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Thank you for the explanation! Yes, I've a tower and I do know where the fan is. Sounds as if it's a cheap fix, this power supply thing, sorta like changing the cap on a radiator, then I'll try it.

About Gar...didn't you read his blog? He said to chunk the computer, that it'll never be the same after removing the virus. I'm guessing he's thinking I can handle taking the computer out to the dumpster by myself.

Gar said...

I have no patience.

I am an ass.

Nowhere in my post do I recommend throwing a computer in the trash. Just re-install XP (or the OS of your choice).

If your problem started with a virus warning, then it's not the power supply.

Depending on your motherboard and video card, power supplies can be rather difficult to replace.

Durango said...

I dunno about Gar. Apparently he's had trouble replacing power supplies. But that is hardware. It is software where he innate computer abilities reside.

I believe power supplies began being discussed after Twister mentioned they can be a source of compu-malfunction. I don't believe it was suggested that you were erroneous in thinking a virus caused your woes.

On a positive note, it's encouraging to have Gar admitting that he's an ass. Self-realization is the first step to something.

Have you ever noticed that Gar spelled backwards is Rag? I never did, either, til this very moment.

Gar said...

D --
The way you spin things irritates me. I have no patience for it.

I never said I had trouble installing power supplies. I just mentioned it can be rather difficult so that someone doesn't go off yanking cables out trying to replace something that is not necessarily easy to replace (or the cause of their woes). It was a cautionary statement. That was all.

Your continuous need to belittle people with your dimwitted attempts at sarcastic humor is grating. I realize that your writing skill is much better than mine and there's no way I'll win a war of words.

Your multitude of adoring fans can take it for what it's worth.

I'm not the person that Durango has painted me to be.

Durango said...

Rag Gar---
You sure are easily irritated these days, finding the silliest things grating. It's quite perplexing.

And who are these belittled people to which you refer?

It really is not nice to say someone is dimwitted, but then again, you have finally admitted your an ass, so that's just the type thing an ass says, I guess.

And I've no clue why you think I've painted you. I do not know how to paint. I can take photographs, but I've never painted a single person, ever. Have never even tried to do such a thing.

Have you been properly monitoring your medications?

twister said...

She seems to be posting again. What was the problem after all? Did she reinstall XP?

Durango said...

CT2's computer remains dead. Gar the Texan Computer Genius refuses to come to the rescue. The Queen of Wink is using her kid's computer.

Gar said...

Hey, that's what I tell the ex-wife to do: "use the kid's computer".

If the queen will load up her computer with no attachments (no monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.), I'll try to fix it next time she comes to visit.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Gee, that's funny, I didn't need an ex hubby, although I have one, to tell me to use the kid's computer...guess I ain't too blonde after all!