Friday, January 29, 2010

It Is A Wet Fort Worth Friday With No Ice, So Far

That is the 10am view out my computer room window this wet Fort Worth Friday. So far the temperature seems to be staying steady at 35. No ice. But a low of 25 is the prediction. If that happens it will be a slippery mess. I don't know if the Ice Storm danger has passed.

I had myself a very disturbing night, full of aches and pains. I had a nightmare, well, it was more of dream because it was sort of fun. Gar the Texan, aka Rag Boy, suckered punched me real hard on the right side of my jaw.

I then proceeded to give Rag Boy a sound thrashing, which probably was a bit of bad sportsmanship bad behavior on my part, even if I was sucker punched, because Rag Boy is just this little scrawny guy, like a lollipop, a skinny stick with a big head stuck on top.

I woke up from the beating up Rag Boy dream to find that my jaw hurt so bad where he'd sucker punched me, I don't recollect pain this bad, worse than post-surgery pain, worse than the chipmunk cheek pain I had years ago after my wisdom teeth were pulled.

Getting socked in the jaw occurred around 3 in the morning. I got up and looked for painkillers. I had none. I then started moving my jaw bone up and down, fighting the pain. The pain quickly became less painful. I went back to bed, slept in late, til past 6. When I got up the jaw pain was a distant memory, replaced by really bad back pain. Laying on the floor, reading and drinking coffee, got rid of the back pain.

So, without going on and on with the rest of my litany of misery, suffice to say, on this last Friday of the first month of 2010, I am a mess.

And, I have not heard from the Haltom City creek monitor this morning. This concerns me.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the aforementioned Gar the Texan, aka Rag Boy, this morning, offered to fix the Queen of Wink's dead computer. I don't know if me beating him up caused him to have this change in attitude, or what.

UPDATE: When I finished this blogging and hit the publish button, I checked the temperature to see we are now at the freezing point of 32 degrees, here in Fort Worth.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Darlin' sound in need of a pain manager. I'm really good with my hands, I bet in no time at all, I'd have all your pains fixed...for good :)

When did Gar offer to fix my computer?

Durango said...

Thank you for your kind offer of the use of your healing hands.

Rag Boy Gar's offer was in a comment to the blogging that talked about your compu-woes, the one where Twister suggested it might be a power supply problem and where Rag Boy started acting like a Pissy Little Bitch. I think it's being a better time of the month for him, so he's acting nicer.

Gar said...

I'm kind of liking Rag Boy better than Gar the Texan. Pissy Little Bitch isn't bad either.

I'm glad that you suffered after having dreams of hitting me. That wasn't very nice.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

You're always welcome!

I found his offer, I won't be in the Dallas area until April.

Durango said...

Rag Boy---
You hit me first. Which really was not very nice.

Gar the Texan would be played by Gary Cooper, in the movie version of the Saga of Garland. Don Knotts would portray Rag Boy in the Saga of Garland. Simon Cowell would be the Pissy Little Bitch.

I'm thinking, if I were you, I would prefer to be Gar the Texan and Gary Cooper, rather than Don Knotts or Simon Cowell.

Gar said...

I like Simon.

Durango said...

PLB Rag Boy Gar----You're going to need to work at the PLB thing a bit harder to reach a Simonesque level.