Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Am To Blame For The Gar The Texan Blog But Not The Huffington Post

The 4th Sunday of the new year has seen a return to blue sky, after yesterday's wet unpleasantness, here in my zone of North Texas.

The Sunday blue sky is matching my blue mood.

Yesterday's gray, wet Saturday was one long day of one thing after another. The day started with strange explosive noises I later learned were coming from my noisiest neighbor, that being a Chesapeake Energy gas drilling site.

By mid morning I found I had another flat tire, the second in a week.

The flat tire kept me from the Tandy Hills Brush Bash.

Before I found the flat I'd talked to my mom and learned she'd broken a bone in one of her feet. I got emails from 2 Washington friends telling me about friends with bad cancer, with one of them having the same type brain cancer that killed Ted Kennedy.

Tootsie Tonasket called me around 5 so I could hear her drunken son having a drunken fit, trying to get into her house. I told Tootsie to call the police. I don't know if she did.

Around 7 last night I tripped and banged the top of my right hand against a wall. This morning that hand looks as if I've been in a fight.

A couple days ago Gar the Texan blogged about blogging, the first paragraph of which said, "Durango somehow convinced me to start this little escapade into pain and suffering. And after almost 2 years, I continue to do so (suffer pain)."

So, now I have to carry that on my guilty conscience, that somehow I'm to blame for foisting Gar the Texans' misanthropic ramblings on the world. I feel terrible about this.

And then someone calling himself Whited Sepulchre commented saying, "Gar, The Huffington Post doesn't post as much as Durango. Just thought I would point that out."

Now, that's just not true. I only post about 90% as much as The Huffington Post.

My therapist, Dr. L.C., seems to have gone missing. And right when I need her. So far, even though the sky is blue, Sunday is looking to be another bad day like yesterday. Maybe I can make an effort to turn it around.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Zowie! What a day you had! I'm thinking you'd fared better had you attended Annie's sleep over. The little girls would of loved having a real male to kiss while playing spin the bottle, and you would have been just adorable covered in lip prints.

Durango said...

Today has been a bit better. I would have certainly attended the 9 year old girl's Slumber Party, had I been invited. I saw the pic with all the lip prints. You could not have gotten me to participate in s'mores, though. I have never been able to stomach that sickly sweet concoction.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Have you thought about changing your tires? You seem to have way more action packed days than me. I don't understand. I can just see how pictures of you with lipstick all over you could be made into blackmail. Heh. You could at least use it to have some reason to laugh. I think you just lost cool points for not wanting s'mores. How dare you. What's next, you don't like sweet tea!?

Durango said...

I now have 4 new tires, eagerly awaiting a fresh nail.

It's the toasted marshmallow that ruins s'mores for me. I don't mind the chocolate. Graham crackers, I like. But marshmallows have always been white balls of yuck to me, raw, toasted, roasted or stuck on yams. Yuck. If that makes me uncool, I can live with it.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I'm not a big marshmallow fan either, I do my s'mores with organic peanut butter...shhh...don't tell Jovan...he still thinks I'm cool ;)

Jovan Gonzales said...

Dango - I guess that's okay. I happen to be the opposite. I HATE chocolate in almost all forms. BUT. I love s'mores, it's the combo I guess. The marshmallows are my favorite part, but only of the toasted variety.

CTsquared - How DARE you! Wait. In addition to marshmallows and chocolate or INSTEAD of one of the ingredients!? Your life depends on your answer. I know where Wink's located (you and I both know that you cannot hide in a small town).

Durango said...

Secret secure. Jovo knows nothing about your marshmallow aversion from me.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Jovan, You're quite wrong, I could stay very well hidden down in the Wink Sink. I heard once that this fellow fell in and it was 3 days before they found him!

Okay...the peanut butter replaces the marshmallow, I think you may find the same combo in a popular candy bar, but I could be mistaken.

Durango, I guess I should have emailed that bit of information to you...there I go again, being all blonde...oh, bother.

Anonymous said...

hay srry i just have to say somthing about this peanut butter jelly replaced the marsh mello i mean cant they just get along mello for the marshmello i say so dont harsh his mello !!!!! but as we all know it there is no song for the marshmello but there is one for peanut butter jelly "cought" peanut butter jelly time hoo ra hoora so i geuss it replaced the "MARSHMELLO" SO LEAVE it BURRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNN SSSSSSSSSSSS in your4 face oh yeah dont text back talk to the hand cause the face dont want to hear it !!!!!!!


Jovan Gonzales said...

Treasure (read: Bounty) Hunt 2010 in Wink Sink! I just found my favorite event this year.

Oh you two. I suppose I'll let the marshmallow/chocolate/peanut butter business slide. And the not loving the the s'mores as God intended them as well.

All's well that ends well.