Thursday, April 29, 2021

Biden Gives Masterful Speech To Congress & America While Weather Interrupts & Ted Cruz Falls Asleep

After more than four years of enduring the world's worst American embarrassment, it was so nice, last night, to have what, despite many things not being normal, felt normal, back having an empathetic sentient human being being the American President and Leader of the Free World.

And, if after last night's masterful speech, the idiot right wing nut jobs keep trying to sell the nonsense that Biden is senile, well, to us actual empathetic, sentient human beings, it is the idiot right wing nut jobs who seem senile.

One example of such, last night, was Texas embarrassment, Rafael Edwardo Cruz, who kept nodding off during the speech. 

The only thing jarring to me about last night's speech had nothing to do with Biden. It had to do with the fact I chose to watch via local CBS.

Over and over and over and over again a loud series of beeps would interrupt Biden, following by a screen crawl, which you see photo documented above.

Over and over and over and over again, during the entire hour plus, this was repeated, a National Weather Service warning that a Severe Thunderstorm has happening somewhere in the local CBS's coverage area.

Along with these repeating interruption, that same info was on the screen, all the time, via the graphic you see at the upper left.

Since I have been in Texas it has long annoyed me the way these weather emergency interruptions happen. It seems so unnecessary to interrupt with either a series of beeps, or to go live to the local weatherman in full weather drama queen mode pointing out Doppler Radar indicating a storm cell which might turn into a tornado.

If the weather at ones location has turned dramatic it is usually quite obvious, as you see lightning striking, hear thunder booming, feel big balls of hail hitting the roof and a strong wind rattling the windows.

At my location I pick up around 40 stations over the air. I know not all of them go into interrupt mode when dire weather is in the air. So, those watching TV on one of those stations must just be flat out of luck, not getting these repetitive weather warnings when a storm is in the neighborhood.

Or if you are watching something on HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other streaming channel.

Lat night, after the 5th or 6th time Biden was interrupted by screeching beeps, I considered switching to CBS or ABC streaming, via ROKU. But that would take a little time to switch. So, instead I turned on 'captions' so I could read what Biden was saying while the weather warning was beeping.

Now, I have had made mention previously regarding finding these weather interruptions to be annoying, particularly when I lived in the D/FW zone and this weatherman named Pete Delkus would act so excited about a possible rotating cell, repeating himself over and over and over again.

I have had it mentioned to me that these weather reports are needed to save lives, because this is tornado country. I have never had it explained to me what data shows such is the case. Like I already said, if one is home, watching TV, one is likely quite aware of the weather situation occurring in the neighborhood.

And, if it gets real dire, these things called tornado sirens go off, letting one know that danger has arrived.

Maybe it is the fact that the majority of my time on the planet, experiencing weather and watching TV, has been in the Pacific Northwest. Where tornadoes are extremely rare.

But thunderstorms, windstorms and heavy rain does happen.

I do not remember the local tv stations going into interrupt mode, of any sort, due to a possible severe thunderstorm developing at some location in the Puget Sound zone.

Now, if something like an earthquake happens, yes, local TV goes live. And one watching TV at the time is happy such happens, due to wanting to know where the earthquake is centered, and how bad the damage is.

Or when a volcano erupts. One hears loud booms, wonders what is making that explosive noise, and then turns to TV to see what happened.

Now, my one and only time being near an exploding volcano I was in a bathtub the morning Mount St. Helens erupted. I heard three concussive booms. About 15 minutes later the next door neighbor came over to make sure we knew the mountain had blown. We did not, til then. Turned on the TV to watch almost nonstop, for hours upon hours, as the disaster unfolded.

Well, enough of that weather interruption. 

In less than a year, I hope, we will see Biden once again addressing Congress, in a State of the Union speech, hopefully to a full chamber, with no one wearing masks...

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