Monday, April 19, 2021

Joey & Jason's 1027 Washington Avenue Mystery


A couple days ago Hank Frank's papa, my Favorite Nephew Joey, sent the above to my phone, with no explanatory text explaining what I was looking at.

Or why.

And now, this morning, Hank Frank's uncle and Spencer Jack's papa, also known as my Favorite Nephew Jason, sent me the same thing, only via email, also with no explanatory text, other than a subject line of...

"1027 E. Washington Avenue"

The above is the address of the house I grew up in in the Washington town of Burlington.

I recollect nothing at that house which looked like that which we see above. 

It has been at least two decades since anyone in the Jones family owned that house, having easy access to taking photos of anything related to that house.

This feels like a clue in a antique video game, like the first puzzle in MYST. 

I recollect having a lot of trouble getting past the first puzzle in MYST...

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Anonymous said...

Across the street from Maiben Park which has:

Basketball Courts
Community/Senior Center
Grass Area
Maiben House Activity Center
Picnic Shelters
Play Structure
Spray Park
Tennis Court
Urban Forest | Cedar Grove

No outhouses like Cowtown!

I too lived across the street from a park. A light industrial park. And trailer parks were a block or two away. Cowtown, baby, Cowtown!