Monday, April 5, 2021

My High School Class Reunion Membership Is Pending

I have a high school class reunion coming up this summer.

I doubt I will be attending.

A week or so ago I was talking to one of my former classmates and she mentioned thinking she had seen a Facebook page devoted to this upcoming reunion. I opined that I thought I remembered seeing such also.

We were discussing this serious subject because we thought that by now the details of this important event would be determined and known, with the information widely disseminated, what with the need to make travel plans well in advance of the actual traveling. 

After that phone call I looked on Facebook to see if I could find that Facebook reunion page we thought we had seen. It did not take long to find. Part of that webpage is what you see screen capped above.

Apparently, after this Facebook group was created I was sent a membership invite. Apparently I asked to be a member. And now, all this time later, I see my "membership is pending".

I told this to the person with whom I had been discussing this and she checked and saw the same pertained to her, with her membership also still pending. 

By the time my fellow classmate found her membership still pending she had also found out details of the current high school reunion plan. 

A two day event. With the first day taking place at a classmate's home.


That begins at 2 in the afternoon and lasts til the last person leaves. This is a BYOB affair where you are also asked to bring yourself an appetizer.

YIKES! again.

On Day 2 of this reunion the gathering shifts from someone's home to the Skagit Country Club. We assume this will be a dinner and dancing type deal. But, those details have not yet been gleaned.

From this apparently defunct Facebook page about this upcoming reunion, I copied the following...
About This Group
Only members can see who's in the group and what they post.
Group created on September 14, 2020 
Members  · 48
Margaret is an admin.

Okay, someone named Margaret apparently is the administrator of this group. It must be Margaret who must approve someone's membership in this group. I can only remember one Margaret who was in my high school class. I think she lives somewhere in the upper Midwest. Minnesota or Michigan or some such state.

I had previously heard that the reunion might take place at one of the Skagit Valley's casino resorts. That would be convenient, what with both having big event spaces and big hotels attached. That and when the reunion became boring one could go play the slot machines.

Well, in the end it matters not to me where or when this reunion takes place. If I make it to the Skagit Valley this summer I will be reunion-ing with multiple people with whom I went to high school. But I really do not have much interest in reunion-ing with people with whom I have had no contact for decades.

To a couple of my high school classmates I explained my thinking about this serious subject in an extremely hyperbolic way by saying if I graduated from Berlin-Edison High School in 1911, and in 1941 there was to be a high school reunion, I would have no desire to attend, knowing a third of my class were Hitlerite Nazis, another third were Democratic Socialists persecuted by the Nazis, and the final third were those clueless to what was happening, or Jews, who for reasons we all know all too well, would not be able to attend...

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