Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Texas Iceman Hath Arrived With An Ice Storm

Every once in awhile the Texas weather predictors make a prediction where the weather happens as predicted.

Today would be one of those cases of accurate weather prognostication. 

As you can see, via the phone screen shot made seconds ago, we are currently two degrees below freezing. With precipitation precipitating.

The leaves on the trees are being coated with ice, bending the branches.

Just a sec, I will go take a photo of the tree limbs currently being weighted down by ice, resting on my patio deck.

You can not tell it, via the photo documentation, but the deck and everything on it is now coated with ice. I do not know if I can make it to ground level without having some slipping and sliding action. 

There is not much traffic, however every couple minutes I do hear a vehicle drive by. Far less than the norm. People seem to be driving slow, but I can not tell if the road is currently thickly ice coated. I don't know if I want to find out, even though I had planned to drive to a location two miles distant this morning.

Yesterday, prior to the incoming Ice Storm, I had myself a chilly walk on the Circle Trail. I lasted about a mile before I tired of the excessive shivering.

On that Circle Trail walk yesterday I took what is known as a patented Elsie Hotpepper style selfie photo.

Via the phone, I was looking at that tree behind me, currently sporting Fall foliage colors. However, since, til today, we have not had a freeze, none of the leaves on the deciduous trees had changed from their regular green.

That tree I am looking at, colored in Fall foliage mode, is an evergreen type tree. I think maybe it had been struck by lightning and is in the process of dying.

Seems like only yesterday we were heated here to 103, requiring the A/C to run. But that  wasn't yesterday, it was last week. To go from 103 to an Ice Storm in a one week time span is a bit jarring.

I suppose I will acclimate...

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