Thursday, October 29, 2020

Californian Poodle Jai Joins Tacoma Trio Family

In Summer of 2017 I met the David, Theo and Ruby's new poodle housemate, Eddie, for the first time.

Eddie did not welcome me at first, apparently used to being apprehensive with strangers. But, when Eddie saw the Tacoma Trio playing with me he quickly decided I was okay to play with too.

Eddie came to Tacoma via Los Angeles, from a rescue shelter place which finds homes for those in dire need of such. 

Way back in Summer of 2008 I had fun with Eddie's predecessors, Blue and Max. I dog sat Blue and Max, solo, for four days, at that point in time, whilst the parental units went to that other Washington on the east side of America.

Max had passed away shortly before my visit in Summer of 2017, leaving just Blue and Eddie to look after David, Theo and Ruby.

Since then a new poodle was added to the family, named Raven. I have not met Raven. Raven is a large poodle.

Blue joined Max about five months ago. Since then the Tacoma Trio has been wanting to add a third poodle to their collection of watchdogs.

A few days ago it was learned from that rescue shelter in Los Angeles that there was a two year old black purebred poodle in desperate need of a home. The parental units consulted and decided it was time to adopt a new member into the family.

Jai arrived yesterday.

Which would make that Jai you see being held by David, Theo and Ruby in that photo at the top.

And that is Ruby playing fetch with Jai in the backyard of the Tacoma abode on M Street.

Jai sure is a lookalike of Blue, but a smaller version.

If conditions improve I am hoping to get to meet Jai and Raven for the first time, at some point in time in the coming new year...

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