Saturday, October 3, 2020

Hope Luke Don't Get COVID But Hope Hicks Do


Rolled my bike a few miles this mighty fine first Saturday of the October version of 2020. The temperature barely in the 70s. 

Eventually I rolled around Sikes Lake where I found a lot of chalk drawings drawn on the cement trail. There are dozens of these cryptic drawings. I could sort of glean they were mostly personal well wishes directed at specific people, such as the one you see above, only part of which I photo documented.

The message was telling someone named Luke "You got this, don't get COVID..."

I was in Walmart yester evening for the first time since we learned our Dear Leader has contracted COVID. This was the first time I have been in Walmart since wearing a mask was mandated that I did not see a single fool disobeying that directive and arrogantly wandering Walmart mask-free.

Has the Dear Leader getting COVID rendered the pandemic deniers totally confused? 

Speaking of idiots, and who isn't, a related item, from Facebook.

Prior to learning our Dear Leader and his Third Wife have the virus, we had learned Trump aide Hope Hicks had tested positive.

Someone on Facebook posted one of those meme things, which simply said...


Now, as a sad example of how annoying Facebook can be, and how many ill informed ignorant type people are on Facebook, always ready to scold people for this that or the other thing which the scolder usually misunderstands. Multiple people scolded the person who simply posted the fact that Hope Hicks had contracted the virus.

On person simply said "how rude". Others scolded variations chastising the cruelty of hoping people get COVID.

Think of how stupid and ignorant one has to be to not know Hope Hicks is a person, working for our Dear Leader, and to think this Facebook poster is hoping that "Hicks" get COVID-19. And by "Hicks" I am assuming the scolders think the Facebook poster means Redneck Dumbclucks. You know, your basic Trump supporters, also known as Deplorables.

Anyway, we are living through troubled times, hopefully better soon, in a variety of ways...

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