Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sikes Lake Peanut Gallery Takes Me To Trump Don't Act Right


I had not had the opportunity to roll my bike wheels anywhere the past few days. Today I decided my need to aerobically induced endorphins outweighed anything else. So this morning I rolled several miles north on the Circle Trail before looping back south, eventually reaching Sikes Lake, where I saw that which you see above.

I do not know why Peanuts has been installed on the stage of the Sikes Lake Pavilion. Will a play be taking place? Is this a backdrop for one of the musical events which frequently take place at this location? I have no idea.

Those endorphins are sure feeling mighty fine right now.

Last night's 90 minute verbal assault by our demented president had me feeling like we are currently all living in a temporary insane asylum.

I think it was even before our national nightmare was inaugurated Fort Worth's #1 political activist, Gale McCray, was nailing the problem...

Gale McCray has taken his now iconic "TRUMP THAT BOY DON'T ACT RIGHT" sign all over America, including, as you can see via the above photo of Mr. McCray holding the sign in front of Mr. Lincoln, to Washington, D.C.

Today I tolerated about five minutes of the Rush Dimbulb Show. I was curious to hear how he was going to try and manage to spew nonsensical propaganda to put a spin on last night's debate debacle.

The Dimbulb seemed a bit overwhelmed by the embarrassment. It seemed like he was blaming Chris Wallace, because Chris Wallace was interrupting Trump over and over again right when Trump had Biden reeling and about to display his imaginary dementia. 

It is sort of amusing, well, not really, listening to a couple cases of actual dementia, Trump and Dimbulb, making mock of Biden's imaginary dementia.

I don't know how two more of these type debates can happen. Somethings got to give. Or give up... 

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