Saturday, September 26, 2020

Happy Birthday Hank Frank & Grandpa Jake


On this date, two years ago, my little brother Jake became a grandpa for the second time, with the arrival of Henry Francis, also known as Hank Frank. 

On that day, two years ago, Hank Frank became the best birthday present Grandpa Jake has ever received.

Hard to believe Hank Frank is already two years old.

And that I have yet to meet him. Up til a few months ago I was about 100% sure I would be seeing Hank Frank last summer. But the Trump Pandemic ended that plan.

Seems like only yesterday I was having myself a mighty fine time wrapping elaborate birthday present packaging for Hank Frank's dad, my Favorite Nephew Joey. But that happened decades ago, way back in the previous century.

This morning I texted Joey, telling him that I did not have Hank Frank's phone number, and asked Joey to tell Hank happy birthday for me.

Joey texted back indicating he would do so, including the six pictures of Hank Frank you see in this Happy Birthday blogging.

I have no clue what that is on the blue plate. A deconstructed slice of birthday cake? A fruit pizza?

Hank Frank looks an awful lot like the little kid version of his dad.

Above we see Hank Frank working in his fruit orchard. Hank Frank grows a variety of tree fruits. I recollect Linda Lou was supposed to visit Hank Frank and his orchard and fruit stand last fall. Maybe Linda Lou will get around to that this fruit picking season. 

That would be Hank Frank being held by his papa. It appears they are on a boat. Both the water in the background and Hank Frank wearing a life preserver are primary clues.

Yes, this appears to be on the deck of a boat. But what boat? A ferry? Or is Hank Frank taking his dad out on the Sound to do some fishing on a fishing boat? 

Happy Birthday to Hank Frank & Grandpa Jake. I'm sure by the time Hank Frank turns three I will have had the fun of meeting him for the first time. And meeting his mother, Monique, for the first time...

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