Saturday, July 18, 2020

From Wichita Falls For The Love Of God Anyone But Trump 2020

A couple days ago I blogged about biking in my Caribbean neighborhood where I saw someone thought By Destroying His Trump Flag I Know He's Losing It. In the blog post I included photo documentation of this Trumpnut's Trump 2020 flag which had been shredded.

After the flag shredding the Trumpnut had added a yard sign pointing out that the flag had been shredded, with the sign pointing in the wrong direction.

That sign pointing in the wrong direction seemed sort of an ironic metaphor.

Today, biking in the same location, I saw that the yard sign had been moved curbside, directly under the shredded Trump flag, with the sign now pointing in the right direction. Where that sign had been previously, in the Trumpnut's yard, not at curbside, a new basic generic Trump 2020 yard sign has been stuck in the ground.

After biking past this I looped around to head the other direction to find myself pleased to see the yard sign the Trumpnut's next door neighbor has stuck in his yard, facing the Trumpnut's signs and shredded flags.

I hit the brakes, got out my phone and took the photo you see above, expressing the sentiment felt by millions, possibly billions, worldwide...


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