Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Lucas Takes Us On Detailed Hidden Lake Trail Hike In Washington's North Cascades

This blog post fits in the recent category of me mentioning the fact that recently hardly a day seems to go by without something or someone making me to one degree, or another, homesick for my old home zone of the Pacific Northwest.

Today's instance came about via an email I received a couple weeks ago from a website article writer named Lucas who had written about something I had blogged about more than once, that being the Hidden Lakes hike in the North Cascades of Washington.

Lucas was hoping I would check out his article about the Hidden Lakes hike and possibly include that information via linking to it from that blog post.

Well, I can do better than that.

The blog post to which Lucas referred was way back from August of 2013, titled Hiking With Maxine To A North Cascades Hidden Lake While In Texas.

Searching the blog I found two more instances, more recent than 2013, of mention made of the Hidden Lakes hike.

In May of 2019 there was Linda Lou Leads Me Back To Skagit Valley Black and Blue Berry Picking.

And even more recent, as in May of this year, as in 2020, there was Finding The Hidden Lake Photo.

Now, none of my blog posts which mention Hidden Lake are of much use for anyone hoping to find info about how to find this hike's trailhead, or what to expect on the hike, or how strenuous this hike is.

You can find all that info via Lucas' 10 Adventures North Cascades National Park Hidden Lake Trail article.

Now I must add hiking to the Hidden Lakes, again, to my need to do list for the next time, if ever, I return to the Pacific Northwest...

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