Tuesday, July 7, 2020

How's Your Forecast? Mine Is HOT 100s

Yesterday Spencer Jack and Hank Frank's grandpa Jake text messaged my phone asking me "How's your forecast?"

I wondered if something dire had been forecast for my location that had made the news at my brother's Arizona location, so I texted back "Nothing special is forecast that I am aware of."

My brother then texted back "I tried sending you our 6 day forecast which shows nothing below 110 and a 116 on Sunday."

I texted back to that with "We haven't hit 100 yet in real degrees. Have gone to 115 in feels like degrees."

And now this morning what did I see when I checked the forecast for my North Texas location? That which you see screen capped above. Not quite day after day over 100, but close.

I do not like ultra HOT days. Particularly of late when I've been sporting an extra layer of adipose tissue and its resultant heat trapping insulative properties...

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