Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Joining Walmart Masketeers & Fiesty Old Ladies With Wichita Falls Murals

This Tuesday morning I joined the throngs of Walmart masketeers seeking goods to purchase.

Starting yesterday Walmart is requiring all who enter to be wearing a mask of some sort. A gatekeeper in black guards the entry, preventing any from entering without proper protection.

The south entry to Walmart, both at the one I went to this morning, and the one across the street from ALDI, is now blocked from entry or exit. This makes for a slight annoyance if you park at the south end of the parking lot, and object to being subjected to an unexpected walk.

At that Walmart by ALDI I witnessed a hunched over cane using gray haired elderly lady standing at the now blocked exit, knocking on the glass door. I had told her that entry is blocked and the only way in is at the other entry.

We shall see about that, she said to me.

I like feisty old ladies, unless they are open carrying, and this one's only weapon was her cane. I did not stay around long enough to see if someone let her in.

So, the south self checkout is still open, even though the south exit is not. So, I self checked out at the south end, and when done I soon found myself seeing that which you see above.

A large Wichita Falls mural. An informational sign next to this informed it was part of some sort of local mural project. I should have taken a photo of that informational sign so that I would have the correct information, including who made the mural.

Wichita Falls is known for having murals all over town, well, mostly the downtown zone. Some are quite large.

And that has been my COVID-19 excitement for today. Later this afternoon I expect to go on a bike ride...

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