Thursday, May 23, 2019

With Spencer Jack On Seattle's Waterfront Throwing Back Thursday To 2012

Before we return to May of 2019 let's throw ourselves back in time to March of 2012.

Which I guess would make this one of those Throwback Thursday things which seem to be so popular.

What you see here actually happened on a Friday, not a Thursday, hence the blog post title of Friday BBQ In Arizona With Spencer Jack, Super Hot Potato Chips & Refrigerator Slide Shows.

If I remember right Spencer Jack was 5 years old at this point in time. Standing behind Spencer is his Favorite Dad, my eldest nephew, Jason. Standing next to Jason is his Favorite Dad, my eldest brother Jake. And standing next to Jake is my Favorite Dad, Jack. Who was also Spencer Jack's Favorite Great-Grandpa.

Now let us return to the present, to May 23, 2019.

Yesterday I blogged about A Tale Of Two Town's Bridges in which I made mention of the Alaskan Way Viaduct disappearing from the Seattle Waterfront.

This morning in my email I found incoming from Spencer Jack's dad.

The text in the email, followed by the photo documentation attached to the email...

Just saw your blog post.  Spencer and I were in downtown Seattle yesterday.  We traveled down there after school.  Viaduct is almost completely removed.  Just a few sections remain. Ferried over to Bremerton for dinner and lodging.  Returned this morning for work and school via the Kingston-Edmonds ferry. Coleman Dock is being completely refurbished. Once the ferry departed, both Spencer and I noted how the waterfront looks much more aesthetically pleasing absent the viaduct. The purpose of the trip was to ride the ferry Hyak for one last time.  It is slated to be retired by the end of June, as the legislature ordered a new vessel.   And is asking it to be built using electric engines.

Had a wonderful trip.

Hopefully you can return soon to Modern America.

As you can see, Spencer Jack has grown a bit since that Friday BBQ back in 2012. Above it appears the boys are standing near, or on, the aforementioned Coleman Ferry Dock, waiting to board. I do not know where their motorized vehicle is. Maybe this photo was taken after the arrival in Bremerton.

Only someone used to seeing the Seattle Waterfront would notice how different it now looks with the Alaskan Way Viaduct gone.

Above we are looking at Spencer Jack looking at the Hyak floating away from Seattle. My favorite part of a ferry boat ride has always been the takeoff.

Powerful engines motor those boats. How can an electrical engine possibly do so, I can not help but wonder?

Above Spencer is still watching the ferry's wake as it motors away from downtown Seattle, speeding across Elliott Bay.

That big boat on the left side of the skyline appears to be a cruise ship. Those are quite a sight to see floating on the current day Seattle Waterfront.

I wonder if cruise ships and ferry boats will be docking anywhere on Fort Worth's Waterfront if it ever sees reality. Likely not. Canoes, kayaks and inner tubes will likely be the only floating mechanisms murking about on that dirty water if it ever gets to the float a boat stage.

The only thing I can identify with any degree of certainty is the asparagus on Spencer Jack's plate. Is that which is sharing that plate with the green spears some sort of scallop concoction? Or stuffed mushrooms?

Regarding the Washington State Ferry Fleet. Have I ever made mention of the fact that by the time Spencer Jack's dad was Spencer Jack's age he was well on the way to making scale models of the entire Washington Ferry Fleet? Including the HUGE super ferries. Jason's Washington State Ferry Fleet was lost in a fire catastrophe back in the previous century.

There sure are a lot of people opinionizing that it is time I move back to modern America. I do miss it at times...

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