Thursday, May 2, 2019

Stormy May Day Pondering Texas Goodbye

I had myself a dark Circle Trail walk this second day of May in Texas.

Tornadoes have been touching down around Wichita Falls the past couple days, but none too close to my location.

Late May Day afternoon a thunderstorm struck bolts at the same time the boom exploded, as in, directly overhead.

I don't like it all that much when that happens.

The decibel level is way too high.

And it sets off car alarms and dogs howling.

So far on this second day of May there have only been a few distant lightning flashes. I am ready for the return of blue sky.

Yesterday, as in May Day, the first day of May, something unexpected set off a revolution in thinking, with me realizing I have been Durango in Texas since 1999. Twenty years ago. That was when I got my domain, using my Durango nickname which I acquired in the early 1990s, back when the Internet and email were starting to be a thing.

Durango became my nickname for multiple reasons, the root one of which I no longer remember. I know the Durango birth pre-dated using the Durango nickname to send out trip planning info for the Durango Wild West Houseboat Roadtrip, or whatever it was I titled this way back then. I remember my first email address was, or something like that. Or maybe it was

"mj2" stood for Moose Jaw 2. I was the #2 Moose Jaw. Details are sketchy. Trying to remember way back in the previous century it gets hard to render details.

I remember my Durango nickname was solidly in place when Lulu & Durango in As the WWWeb Turns became Cool Site of the Day, back when that actually was a cool thing, which I think now, decades later, is long gone. Soon after the Lulu & Durango website became cool I had my own website for the first time. It was called Dialing Doctor Durango.

Dialing Doctor Durango was soon picked to be Funky Site of the Day. This was not nearly as cool as Cool Site of the Day. But, even so, being Funky Site of the Day generated emails from all over the world, including one from someone in Singapore, asking me for advice. All these years later I still communicate with my Singapore patient, as recently as this morning on Facebook.

When I got the domain I did not realize there was a town in Texas called Durango.

I had been to the Durango in Colorado, after I had acquired the Durango nickname. I remember when I was in Durango I bought multiple wearable items with the Durango name on them. Now, all long gone. I think I gave my Durango baseball cap to Miss Puerto Rico, if I remember correctly.

After discovering there was a town in Texas named Durango, I found the town and made a webpage of what I found in Durango.
Anyway, back to that May Day revolution epiphany I had yesterday. Something happened that has me seriously thinking I am ready to get out of Texas.

Durango Arizona?

Durango Washington?

Durango California?

Durango Oregon? Returning to the state in which I was hatched.

Durango Mexico? Which I think is the location of the original Durango.

By the end of this month the decision will likely be made whether or not to say so long to Texas...

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