Monday, May 20, 2019

North Texas Dire Severe Weather Tornado Warning

Today, on this Monday of May 20, 2019, is the first time I have seen this dire level of weather warning since I have been residing at my current Texas location of Wichita Falls.

Since being at this location I have only heard the tornado sirens in system checking mode, never in incoming tornado mode.

Twice whilst living in east Fort Worth I heard the tornado sirens in incoming tornado mode. Both times a tornado did touch down and do damage near to my location.

So, I have learned one must take these tornado warnings serious.

The location of my current domicile is a short distance from where most of the deadly damage was inflicted by the 1979 Red River Valley tornado outbreak.

Every time I bike around Sikes Lake I roll by the memorial to those lost in the tornado outbreak known locally as Terrible Tuesday. The 40th Anniversary of Terrible Tuesday was last month, on April 10.

Today three storms are forecast to blow over North Texas. The first is scheduled for around noon, the second late in the afternoon, and the third, and possibly worst, after dark.

I have already battened down my hatches, inflated my lifeboat and stocked up on vittles and non-electricity dependent lighting sources, as in candles and flashlights.

I am ready for you Mother Nature, but it won't hurt my feelings if you decide not to visit...

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