Sunday, May 5, 2019

Cinco De Mayo Pseudo Circle Trail Snake Encounter

On this first Sunday of the 2019 version of May, with is also the 5th May day, as in Cinco de Mayo, I am feeling a bit depressed, which has me thinking, again, it is time to get our of Texas.

Thinking a bike ride on this first blue sky nice day of the new month might cheer me up I rolled out of my abode this morning to head north on the Circle Trail.

My snake fear sensibilities were heightened this morning, first off due to watching a real bad movie last night called Snake Island.

And then this morning Energy Secretary Rick Perry's possible younger brother, Jon Perry, posted on Facebook a photo of an encounter he and his wife had this morning on a paved Fort Worth trail with a giant possible rattlesnake blocking their way with the snake lounging halfway across the trail.

So, with my snake fear activated I was rolling semi-happily along the Circle Trail when suddenly the hit the brakes impulse hit due to what you see my handlebars looking at above.

It looked to be a possibly venomous reptile, slithering across the Circle Trail.

But, I quickly ascertained this possibly venomous reptile presented no snakebite danger. Because it was not a snake, it was a piece of relatively harmless electrical cable.

Then, with my speed accelerated by Adrenalin I rolled on to the Circle Trail underpass which goes under Midwestern Boulevard on the Circle Trail's way to Hamilton Park. Eventually I made my way to MSU, and then the trail around Sikes Lake.

I suffered no actual snake encounters today, but I did see two of the Sikes Lake goslings...

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