Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day To All Our Mothers

That would be my mom rolling along in a park in Chandler, Arizona, having herself a mighty fine March Mother's Day of extreme pampering from all but one of her kids, and all but two of her grandkids, and with only one of her granddogs enjoying a comfortable grandma lap position.

That would be one of mom's kids, my little sister Jackie, doing the motion providing service behind mom.

I think it is about time for mom's wheels to get their 30,000 mile tuneup. I probably should go to Arizona and take care of that.

Speaking of sister Jackie. She is the mother of  my nephews Christopher (known as CJ) and Jeremy (known as JR). I have not been told what special plans CJ and JR have for their mom today.

The mother of my nephews Jason and Joey is my ex-sister-in-law, Cindy, which also makes Cindy the grandma of Spencer Jack, whose mother is Jenny, and Henry, whose mother is Monique.

And rounding up my familial mother collection we have Michele and Kristin, the maternal paternal units of David, Theo and Ruby. We have a few more years to go before the possibility of Michele and Kristin becoming grandmas, and me having some new great nephews or nieces.

Happy Mother's Day to Happy Mothers everywhere...

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