Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday BBQ In Arizona With Spencer Jack, Super Hot Potato Chips & Refrigerator Slide Shows

Spencer Jack & Brittney Arriving
Today was not the first time I have experienced the unreliability of smart phone based GPS direction locators.

Everyone who used a GPS to find my sister's house in Chandler today got mis-directed. Eventually old-fashioned methods, like maps and directions, given over the phone, facilitated successful arrivals.

For, instance, the late arrival of Spencer Jack, which you see in the first picture. When it was ascertained that Spencer Jack was in the neighborhood I was instructed to sit on a bench in the front yard to act as a navigable landmark.

Until today I had not seen Spencer Jack since early August of 2008. I had not seen Spencer Jack's dad since April of 2006. I had never met Brittney. I am not sure how Brittney spells her name. Spencer calls her Brit. I rather like Brittney.

Videographer Spencer Jack
Spencer Jack just turned 5.

I have not been around all that many 5 year olds in a long long time. Apparently 5 year olds are now adept at taking digital pictures and video and uploading pictures and video to their computer. Spencer Jack has his own password.

In the second picture you are seeing Spencer Jack shooting video of my sister's pool's waterfall. Spencer took a liking to the waterfall.

The second group to arrive, after being mis-directed by a smart phone GPS, were Spencer Jack's maternal grandma's sister, husband and son. I'd also not seen them since April of 2006.

Four Generations Of Jones
At some point in time Brittney took a picture of Spencer's dad, grandpa and great-grandpa and Spencer. That would be my nephew, brother, dad and great-nephew.

I took a picture of Brittney taking a picture.

At one point in the evening I found myself playing something called Ladder Golf. Spencer Jack and I were on one team, playing against Spencer's dad and Brittney.

Ladder Golf is a grueling sport involving dual golf balls on a string. Its seemed sort of dangerous. Spencer and I misunderstood the rules and for awhile thought we got points by hitting his dad and Brittney with the golf balls. As far as I know there is no photographic evidence of this.

Spencer Jack Celebrating His Ladder Golf Win
After Spencer Jack and I won the Ladder Golf game, it was time to celebrate, which Spencer did quite boisterously, including squirting people with a bubble gun and dancing.

I forgot to mention, the BBQ was quite nice. Very smoky. My pictures of the BBQ did not come out well, so there is no photo documentation. Suffice to say there were burgers and beer soaked brats.

Along with all sorts of fixings. And potato chips with a 3,000 Scoville Rating.

But no Dungeness Crab.

My sister's kitchen is the most high tech I have been in, that I remember. The refrigerator is a jabber mouth who likes to give advice. Like making ingredient suggestions. Or mentioning that the milk supply is low.

Ruby Jean On My Sister's Refrigerator
If you are in my sister's kitchen and you are feeling lonesome for one of my other nieces or nephews, or any number of other things, you just say, I'd like to see Ruby Jean and Ruby Jean appears on the refrigerator door.

When it was time to leave I left with Spencer Jack.

Spencer Jack's dad followed my mom and dad back to Sun Lakes so Spencer could take a quick tour of that location.

Spencer Jack flies back to Washington early tomorrow. I am here for another week. Tomorrow, early, I am going to the Phoenix Botanical Garden.

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Anonymous said...

Who were all the beer soaked brats? I hope one of them wasn't you. I would assume that that frisky lad Spencer Jack was the culprit.

I can't imagine who would even think of spilling beer on you? That would be like spilling beer on Angela Merkel.