Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pre-Father's Day Banana With Dad & Miss Daisy

That is my dear ol' dad you see here, one day before Father's Day. I drove Miss Daisy to dad this morning earlier than the norm. We had grapes, a banana and a chocolate milk for dad.

I tried to snap the picture whilst dad was sipping his chocolate milk and holding the banana, but by the time the flash went off the chocolate milk had been lowered and the banana lifted into position.

This morning I learned I now know how to install hearing aids. The one marked red goes in the right ear. That really is all you need to remember. When the right one goes in it starts talking to the left one, with high pitched beeps.

Upon installation dad perks up. I got out my phone and asked dad to smile for Michele. He instantly did so, but my phone takes forever to take a picture. The photo use see above was taken via my old-fashioned digital camera. The phone version manages to do its thing without snapping a flash.

Today is Spencer Jack's dad birthday. I heard from Spencer Jack's dad that he is flying in on Father's Day for some relative experience. I do not know if Spencer Jack is also flying in.

Tomorrow, for Father's Day, sister Jackie is delivering to dad an all you can eat smorgasbord buffet of all dad's McDonald's favorites. I hope this includes multiple fish sandwiches. I know it includes sausage egg McMuffins. And maybe breakfast burritos.

Last night mom and I made lasagna. And fresh corn on the cob. Somehow in the middle of an extremely HOT desert I managed to have the tastiest, sweetest best corn on the cob ever. We will be having a corn on the cob repeat this evening.

The dire HEAT ARMAGEDDON begins tomorrow, starting at 114, going up to 119 for Monday, then 120, or maybe 121, for Tuesday, continuing on with this baking til a slight cooling arrives later in the week.

My only swimming companion this morning was Donna. The rest of the ladies take the weekend off. They may also take the HEAT wave off, or at least they were speculating such last time I pooled with them.

I am delaying my exit from the Valley of the Sun until this HEAT wave passes.

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Connie D said...

Trying to catch up. Those temps.. Damn.