Friday, June 16, 2017

Arizona Morning Driving Miss Daisy To Pickle Ball & Dad

This morning's Arizona adventure, after a night of imaginary air-conditioner malfunctioning, was driving Miss Daisy, I mean my mom, to Dobson Ranch Park to see my sister, Jackie, playing Pickle Ball.

We managed to eventually find one of the Dobson Ranch Parks, in Dobson Ranch, somewhere in Mesa. Well, I am fairly certain it was Mesa, and that we were north of Chandler.

Eventually Miss Daisy and I found ourselves lost in a maze of cul-de-sacs.

Calling sister Jackie was our go to rescue. Jackie then directed us to the particular Dobson Park Ranch where Pickle Ball is played.

That is Jackie you see above, the Pickle Baller in blue. I watched Jackie's team win one game, 11 to 0. And then it was time to return to Miss Daisy who I had left behind in the vehicle, with no shade. And no window down. I understand this is a bad thing to do when the temperature gets into, or beyond, the 100 degree range.

Leaving Pickle Ball, Miss Daisy and I drove back home to Sun Lakes where we foraged various freezers til we found frozen lasagna. Lasagna is on tonight's dinner menu. Last night it was barbecued steak with cheesy cauliflower, jicama, pineapple, watermelon and broccoli salad.

I have consumed more beef in one week in Arizona than the past five years in Texas.

Yesterday dad had a great day, was liking his new hearing aid, was actually having a conversation with Miss Daisy without painful confusions, with the previous painful confusions often coming from the Miss Daisy vicinity.Yesterday both mom and dad had their hearing aids in working order, thus enabling the good day.

Today we arrived to find dad quickly telling us he needs his hearing aids put in. I find them in a drawer. I tell Miss Daisy I will go find someone to install them. Mom did not want me to find someone to help. Why? I do not know. So, I got a hearing aid installer who had trouble installing. Dad kept saying it hurt. Eventually the left ear was okay. But we gave up on the right ear.

These are custom made hearing aids, designed specifically for each ear, plainly differentiated. But the nurse trying to install them did not know which one was supposed to go in which ear, or that the button on the aid had three settings, easily accidentally pushed, I assume, when struggling to insert the things.

Mom insisted sister Jackie would take care of the problem. I returned to the lobby where my computer is located and called sister Jackie to inform her of the latest episode in the Days of Our Lives. I am now awaiting hearing from Jackie about when the hearing aid helper, Jennifer, will arrive, if ever.

I really never thought I would say such a thing. But, I miss Texas....

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