Monday, June 26, 2017

Missing Arizona Diamondback Baseball & McDonald's While Re-Adjusting To Texas

After over two weeks of being separated, yesterday I was reunited with the USB cord which connects my phone to my computer, thus allowing me to move photos from the phone to that aforementioned computer.

If I remember right I previously mentioned my sweet sister Jackie had photo documented me over indulging in McDonald's delicacies at my dad's Father's Day All You Can Eat McDonald's buffet.

This would be that previously mentioned photo you are looking at here.

That would be my little brother under that Seattle Seahawk baseball, I mean, football cap you see in the lower right of the photo.

That mug with the number 12 on it is also a Seattle Seahawk item, not a Texas A & M item. I do not know why there was Seattle Seahawks stuff at the table, what with it being baseball season,  not football.

Speaking of baseball, and adding beef to what we are speaking of. In the past couple weeks I found myself watching more baseball games than I have watched this entire century. It was a baseball team called the Arizona Diamondbacks I found myself watching. It seems an odd thing to name ones team after, a venomous snake.

Apparently the word "Diamondbacks" is too  long, so this particular baseball team seems to always be referred to as the D-Backs.

I almost forgot about the beef.  In addition to consuming more baseball than I have consumed this entire century, I also found myself consuming more beef in the past couple weeks than I have consumed this entire current century, prior to my arrival in Arizona a couple weeks ago.

Apparently consuming a lot of McDonald's products and a lot of beef is a good weight loss program, because I lost myself a few pounds that I had when I left Texas. Stress and being up and about from the crack of dawn til past the crack of sunset may have been a weight loss contributing factor.

In Arizona I found myself sleeping peacefully all through the night. And despite the outdoor temperature being well above 100 we did not run the A/C at night, and I was totally comfortable. Now I am back where people say things like  it is not the heat, it's the humidity. So, true. Even though the temperature is way below 100 I ran the A/C all night. And I did not sleep peacefully all night long. There was a two hour plus bout of tossing and turning.

In Arizona I had an allergic reaction to nothing. Now back in Texas something is once again irritating my eyes.

However, all in all, I am happy to be back in my current cloudy, green, humid location in Texas...

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