Friday, June 23, 2017

Visiting Dad Before Driving Miss Daisy To See Penny In Maricopa McDonald's

Yesterday, after my mid-morning visit with dad, I drove Miss Daisy to sister Jackie's so I could drive both Miss Daisy and sister Jackie to Maricopa so we could find Penny at one of the Maricopa McDonald's.

The finding Penny mission was accomplished soon upon arrival at the designated McDonald's, where I soon found myself enjoying a Southwest Salad, McNuggets, a Fish Sandwich, Fries and a large Coke.

That would be Penny you see in her kitchen where she was preparing our McDonald''s vittles in non-air conditioned comfort due to a slight temporary air conditioning malfunction affecting the kitchen and the area where kids play. The area where we enjoyed our McDonald's buffet remained blessed with air conditioned comfort.

After an hour, give or take a minute or two, we left Penny, and McDonald's, to venture further south, once again, to the Ak-Chin Casino where sister Jackie and I once again negotiated the maze of trails and noisy construction zones to find our way to the spot where we come into possession of a piece of paper we take through another maze to go to the pool zone where that piece of paper, yesterday, was exchanged for a hand held kitchen mixmaster type device.

Leaving the kitchen mixmaster area we soon came upon a cactus forest.

I was informed that at night the Ak-Chin Casino cactus forest lights up to create an eye pleasing display. I found the cactus forest to be eye pleasing even without night lights.

Soon after leaving the cactus forest we returned to where we had left mom, in the 10 minute hotel check-in parking space.

Leaving Maricopa it was an exciting drive back through the desert to the Phoenix metro zone, due to the gas gauge light indicating the gas tank wanted some gas. This gas need was indicated via flashing lights and an occasional slight beep which had me driving along hoping Miss Daisy did not hear the beeping

All ended well, gas need-wise, when I sputtered into a gas station in time to fill the tank before totally running out of that vitally needed fuel. It would likely quickly turn quite unpleasant to run out of gas when the temperature is tickling into the 120 degree realm of heat.

Tomorrow, early, I begin my two day trek back to Texas. I hope all goes well this trek. I will be taking the south return route, through El Paso. Which means east of El Paso, on I-10, I will be going through the annoying area where I will be checked to make sure I am not hiding any illegal aliens onboard....

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