Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mom's Missing Nephew Photo Leads To Forgotten Photo Of Dad & Me

Over a week ago, sometime during the week which followed Father's Day, my mom had one of her something is missing episodes.

With this particular episode it was a framed photo on mom and dad's bedroom wall which had allegedly gone missing.

Mom said the picture is missing and a picture "I don't recognize is in its place."

So, I said to mom, show me. And so mom did.

When I saw the "replacement" photo on the wall I told mom it is a picture of you and dad on that Royal Caribbean cruise you went on late in the last century.

I don't remember that picture, said mom. I asked what was the missing picture. Mom told me it was a long rectangular frame with your nephew's 8th grade graduation pictures.

I told mom I would go on a treasure hunt throughout the house and see if I can locate that which had gone missing.

After perusing all the walls in the main part of the house I exited into the un-air conditioned part of the house known as the Arizona Room. On a wall in the Arizona Room I found two large collages of photos my sister Jackie had long ago made for mom and dad. And next to that was hanging what I guessed was the missing photo of the nephews.

I took the photo from the wall and brought it to mom. Mom promptly identified what I found as the formerly missing photo. Where was it, mom asked. I then led mom to where the photo was located.

Mom asked if I could hang the nephew photo back where it used to be. I did so, taking down the cruise photo of mom and dad. Mom directed me as to where to put that cruise photo and it was at that point in time I saw the photo you see above, which I do not remember ever seeing before.

A photo of my dad.

And me.

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