Thursday, April 7, 2016

Today I Found Something In A Park I Don't Often Find In Fort Worth Parks

No, that is not Fosdick Lake in Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park you see here with a strange twisted pipe rising from the water.

This pond is in North Richland Hills in a park called Linda Spurlock Park.

I am currently staying in North Richland Hills near several parks, including Linda Spurlock's.

I tried to find Doctor Pillow Park because it sounded interesting, with some sort of Texas missions theme and trails through the wooded zone of Bear Creek. I followed the directions to Doctor Pillow Park, but when I reached where it should be I was at a dead end.

Both Google and my Microsoft Streefinder could not get me to Doctor Pillow Park.

As for Linda Spurlock Park, that one was easy to find. The was a pretty basic park. A paved trail runs around the perimeter. But, this small park did have something one usually does not see in a Fort Worth park, but do usually see in parks in modern parts of America.

An indoor restroom facility, complete with running water. And the sink inside had hand sanitizer lotion at sinkside.

Now, how come a little park in a little town is able to manage to have modern restroom facilities, whilst most parks in Fort Worth do not?

Perhaps Fort Worth could send a task force to North Richland Hills to try and find out.....

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