Friday, April 8, 2016

Spencer Jack Flies To Portland To See The Wreck Of The Peter Iredale

I found out this morning that a couple days ago I erroneously blogged Spencer Jack Flies His Dad Over Mt. St. Helens On The Way To The Grand Canyon because I thought that was where Spencer was flying his dad.

Instead Spencer Jack flew his dad from Bellingham to Portland. I learned this this morning via email. The email included several photos, along with text from my Favorite Nephew Jason.

In the first photo Spencer Jack is in Astoria. Behind Spencer Jack is the Columbia River. That ribbon of steel above the river is the Astoria-Megler Bridge. The Astoria-Megler Bridge was built in around four years. Built over swift moving water with frequent depth changes called tides. Built while accommodating shipping traffic heading out to the Pacific or upriver to various ports.

Spencer Jack also sent me a video, via the phone which I turned into a YouTube video. The text message included no description of what we are looking at in the video. My best guess is the plane is coming in for its landing in Portland. I will copy Jason's email message below the photos and below that I will stick the video.

(UPDATE: Email from Spencer Jack's dad corrects uncle's errors. Email copied in its entirety at end of post.)

Below Spencer Jack is on an Oregon Coast Pacific beach. I don't know if this is at Fort Stevens State Park, Seaside or Cannon Beach.

The next two photos I did not expect to see this morning. In a case of extreme coincidence, something yesterday caused me to look up the Wreck of the Peter Iredale. Something caused that subject to cross my mind and have me wondering if the remains of the wreck still existed. So, I Googled Peter Iredale to find out.

How could I know I did not need to Google this because within a day Spencer Jack would provide the answer, including photo documentation.

And how did Jason and Spencer Jack come to have the below photo? A photo I do not have.

That is my dad and me, standing in front of the Wreck of the Peter Iredale.

And now the email message from Jason and below that the aforementioned video....

FUD --

Spencer Jack and I just returned home to the Skagit Valley tonight.

Sorry for the delay in providing you with photos of your greatest nephew's first visit to one of the great wonders of the world---that being the Grand Canyon.

Those photos are not provided in this e-mail.  

Spencer Jack and I postponed visiting such, for reasons not discussed in this e-mail, and flew out of our favorite airport, that being Bellingham International 38 minutes south to a town called Portland.   We have learned that air transport abbreviates unnecessary road time.  


We managed our way to Portland.

From Portland, we took turns driving our rental car to many tourist spots.  We visited Astoria, stopping at the school were Kindergarten Cop was filmed, attempted to see the old 'Goonies' house, before making our way south.   Had a blast at Fort Stevens.    Saw what is left of the Peter Iredale.   Spent the night in this tourist town called Seaside.   This town is so fun and so grown up from what I remember as a child.

Visited Canon Beach, and further south....the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and Spencer even talked me into going to Multnomah Falls.  

Hope all is well, and I hope you enjoy the photos, FNJ.

Update from Spencer Jack's dad....

The video was Spencer looking out the window, seeing his mother's house, and all of Skagit Valley whilst the airplane was descending into Bellingham.  I'm surprised FUD didn't recognize this.

Also, I believe that is your twin sister Fancy in the photo with your papa.

Are you feeling okay?   You appear to be displaying early onset of dementia. 

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