Sunday, April 3, 2016

Discovering A Curly Perm Mount Baker Hike With Maxine

Emptying a file cabinet today I came upon yet one more treasure trove of long forgotten photos, including these two you see here, with me in a hair phase even more ridiculous than Gar the Texan's mullet.

I have no memory of the details of getting a curly perm. I remember doing such was a fad for a short period several decades ago.

My curly perm did not look all that bad at first, but as it grew out it grew into being Sideshow Bob long before The Simpson's.

Skipping along with me is Maxine. That white thing you see in the distance is the Mount Baker volcano. This was the first time I hiked the Schrieber's Meadow access to Mount Baker. I hiked that hike countless times since that first time. Maxine had hiked that hike for the first time way back in high school, which made her our trail guide.

The last time I was at Schrieber's Meadow did not involve hiking up Mount Baker.

Rather it was a wild blueberry picking session. Wild blueberries are plentiful and free for the picking in late summer at Schrieber's Meadow.

In the second photo I am clearly in full Sideshow Bob mode.

The gray plaid flannel shirt I am wearing was my favorite shirt for a long time. It may have made the move to Texas.

I am recently being freshly surprised by things that made the move to Texas which I have long forgotten about.

Like I'd forgotten that long ago, after the arrival of computers, but prior to the Internet being a big deal, I was publishing a new type thing called an E-zine. I called it Dean's World. I had a laser printer at the time, and printed Dean's World on both sides of the paper, just like a real magazine. Apparently early on I had a very primitive scanner, which I must have replaced with a better scanner.

Today I also found my original digital camera, a Casio that I bought at Costco way back in 1996, for $599. Paying that much for a digital camera, way back then, seems totally bizarre to me now. My phone takes way better pictures than that antique Casio did. And it ate up batteries. I don't think rechargeable batteries were yet available way back then.

But, my antique Casio did have one feature that turned out to be futuristic. The lens rotated. Meaning I could spin it around and aim the camera at myself, taking a thing now known as a selfie.

I used that antique Casio after the move to Texas, before I replaced it in early 2001 with an Olympus. Some of my favorite pictures were taken with that primitive Casio digital camera. When the light was just right it could manage to take a good picture.

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