Friday, April 15, 2016

Seattle Salmon Infused With Cocaine & Antidepressants

This which I saw on Facebook this morning definitely fits in the category of something I read about something in the Pacific Northwest which I would not be reading in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about something similar happening in the Fort Worth zone.

First off it is a long distance from Fort Worth to where there is any water in which salmon swim.

Let alone salmon contaminated with cocaine and antidepressants, and other things one does not want in ones fish.

The first two paragraphs from the Salmon Caught Near Seattle Are Full Of Cocaine And Antidepressants article.....

Things are not looking good in the Puget Sound.

Apparently, samples taken from the water showed high levels of Prozac, bug spray, cocaine, Zantac, ibuprofen and 77 other drugs. These drugs littered not only the water but also the tissue of juvenile chinook salmon.

In Fort Worth one is advised to be cautious about consuming fish one catches in Fort Worth's various bodies of water, such as the Trinity River and Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park.

But, I do not remember ever reading what it is that the Fort Worth fish have consumed which has contaminated them. Excess e.coli? Fertilizer chemicals? I have no idea.

The Seattle salmon samples were taken near water treatment discharge areas. The Puget Sound zone treats water to the tertiary level of water treatment. I think 'tertiary' is the correct term. Meaning the highest level of water treatment.

Methinks if cocaine, bug spray and other bad stuff is making it through the water getting treated, to the point of a high level showing up in young salmon, well, this is just disturbing, and tertiary is not a high enough level of water treatment...

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