Friday, April 1, 2016

A Visit With A Lonesome Square Before A New Gateway Park Overlook

I had to venture to downtown Fort Worth this morning to do a title transfer thing at the tax office.

After that taxing matter was taken care of I decided to enjoy the sun in Sundance Square Plaza to have myself a mighty fine time doing some people watching at the bustling plaza.

Well, that was the plan, but people did not cooperate, as in there was very little bustling going on.

Leaving the downtown zone I decided to exit at Beach Street to check out the current status of the Gateway Park Trinity River Overlooks.

Above is the completed Overlook at the west side of the park. I assume the Overlook at the east side of the park is also completed. This Overlook is a vast improvement over the old boarded up boardwalk that had been an embarrassing eyesore for many years.

I believe the Overlook upgrades are a product of the Trinity River Vision Central City Uptown Panther Island Vision.

Speaking of America's Biggest Boondoggle. And who isn't? Continuing on with my trek eastward I headed north on Beach Street, turning right onto 1st Avenue East/Randol Mill Road.

I was curious to see how the road and bridge construction was going.

Well, unlike the aforementioned Boondoggle, the three bridges for the new road appear to be completed, built in about a year's time, with one of the bridges actually built over water known as the Trinity River, which can flow fast and wild at this location.


Kat said...

A visit to the Overlook is in order! Thanks for the update, Durango.

Durango said...

Kat, the new Overlooks are a HUGE improvement. Much better design. And with lighting. When I first saw the original boardwalk soon upon my arrival in Texas, I thought it was quite an impressive thing. At that point in time I was not aware of what a bad boy the Trinity River can be when it goes into heavy duty flood mode. I don't know what the original Boardwalk designers were thinking when they had the boardwalk extending down to the river in low flow mode. There has also been some new paved trails added, which I think will use the soon to be old bridge across the Trinity, leading to the mountain trails on the east side of the river. The new paved trail extends all the way to Quanah Parker Park.