Monday, July 17, 2017

Embarrassing Reality Of Imaginary Trinity River Vision Signature Bridges

A couple days ago, July 15, to be precise, I received a message informing me Captain Andy had shared something called a link on something called my Facebook Timeline.

I clicked the message's link to Facebook to see that which you see here, which, when also clicked, brought me to what has become widely known as a textbook case of extremely bad propaganda, that being the official website touting the Trinity River Vision, also known as America's Biggest Boondoggle.

Among the many amusing, on target, comments made to Captain Andy's Facebook post was one which pointed out the irony of the Boondoggle's verbiage touting their vision as no longer a vision, but now a reality. And yet to illustrate that reality computer generated images were used, such as what you see above, because, well, in reality the Boondoggle's pitiful bridges are no where near being a reality, despite the fact that years ago their construction began with a ridiculous TNT exploding ceremony, attended by all the guilty perps responsible.

When you go to the Boondoggle's Trinity River Vision website and click on the Panther Island Signature Bridges link you will see that which you see below, among other nonsense.

Live cams showing you imaginary "Progress in Motion" where the Boondoggle has been trying to build bridges for longer than it took to build the Golden Gate Bridge, and many other actual signature acts of engineering.

Via the live cam look at the non-existent Henderson St. & White Settlement Bridge Construction you get a mighty fine look at the Boondoggle's homage to an aluminum trash can at the center of a messy roundabout.

The  Boondoggle paid round about a million bucks for that distracting homage to an aluminum trash can.

I will copy for your reading legibility the propaganda under the Innovative Design headline under that photo of the homage to an aluminum  trash can...

A team of engineers architects and planners have collaborated with partners from around the community to develop an innovative bridge design that also stays within budget. This project will enhance the area with three unique V-Pier bridges, 10 foot pedestrian-lit sidewalks, bicycle facilities, reduced vehicular traffic delays, enhanced landscaping and enhanced opportunities for future transportation.

Read the above out loud in a Trumpish blowhard type voice and the embarrassing absurdity of the verbiage becomes obvious, even if one did not know that that "innovative bridge design" has stalled bridge construction for over a year.

We have blogged about that stalled bridge construction multiple times, most recently in J.D. Granger Spews Trumpish Bridge Propaganda Exposed By Captain Andy where we learned that Granger and a crew of faux engineers built a model of one of the bridges, then sliced it in two to somehow prove to the balking bridge builder that the "innovative bridge design" was buildable.

Yeah, that's how things get done in progressive, modern parts of America.

Why do these dumbnut propagandists persist in describing these three simple little bridges as being signature bridges? Actual signature bridges were dropped well over a decade ago when the cost was deemed to be too high, replaced by these apparently badly designed simple little nondescript non-signature bridges.

When the Boondoggle's three little bridges were first announced the project timeline, at the time, had them completely constructed by this point in time. Look at the current Estimated Project Schedule for the three simple little bridges, as gleaned from the Boondoggle's website's bridge info.

Estimated completion date in 2020. Six years after construction supposedly began on two of the bridges.

I do not remember how many years it has been now since that explosive TNT ceremony marked the imaginary start of bridge construction, with whizzes like Fort Worth mayor, Betsy Price, erroneously claiming the bridges were being built over dry land to save money, when the reality is no water will run under those bridges until a ditch is dug under them and water is diverted from the Trinity River into that ditch.

I almost forgot about the embarrassing propaganda verbiage that accompanied that artist's rendering of the Boondoggle's bridges that we saw thanks to Captain Andy. I will copy that verbiage in its entirety. Again, read it out loud in a Trumpish blowhard voice to get the entire absurd effect...

The Trinity River Vision is no longer a vision, it is a reality. For several years, work along the Trinity River has been on-going preparing for this project milestone. The signature bridges are a collaborative effort between the Trinity River Vision Authority, TxDOT, City of Fort Worth, Tarrant County and the US Army Corps of Engineers. The three signature bridges positioned along the realigned Trinity River will begin construction in late summer 2014. The estimated construction cost for all bridges is $66 million. Serving as the gateways to Panther Island, the bridges create the foundation for a unique, urban waterfront community. The project partners will make every effort to minimize the inconvenience of this major construction project and will utilize multiple methods to keep residents and business owners informed. 

Why has no one had their employment terminated due to being responsible for this debacle? How much has all the misinformation propaganda on all the Boondoggle's various website's cost? Why do the people of Fort Worth tolerate such a high level of incompetence doing damage to their town?

It's all so perplexing.

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