Monday, February 20, 2017

No Wichita Falls Whitewater Rapids Running On Holliday Creek For Me Today

Last night's predicted thunderstorms and heavy downpours arrived as scheduled.

But, without the damaging winds which were also part of the forecast for my location.

Maybe wind did some damage at other locations, but managed not to blow hard where I am situated.

This Monday morning, an hour before noon, with the outer world heated to a non-chilly 60, I opted to take a walk on the Circle Trail to my Caribbean neighborhood as far north as the Spanish town of Granada.

In the view above you are on the Circle Trail looking north at Holliday Creek. As you can see last night's rain put Holliday Creek into white rapids mode. One can easily see how this type violent erosive action carved out Holliday Canyon over the eons of time.

I wonder why I have seen no daredevil type doing some kayak based rapids running on raging Holliday Creek when it is in whitewater mode? I have seen no warning signs forbidding such activity.

Come to think about it, I have also seen no boat activity on the Wichita River, which is the river the water running in Holliday Creek eventually joins.

Perhaps there is a danger of which I am not aware. That happens a lot to me...

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